the final 9 house guests #BB16

Just wanted to express my thoughts about the final nine house guests left in the Big Brother house, since Twitter doesn’t allow me enough characters. Also before I start, let me just say that I am #TeamDerrick all the way! I want the house guests out of the house in this order: Donny, Frankie, Christine, Caleb, Zach, Nicole. In the final two, I want Derrick and whoever he can beat – either Cody or Victoria.

I want Nicole to stay this week over Donny. Nicole completely trusts Derrick, so she would work with him where Donny would not. If  Hayden came back, he and Donny would make a much stronger team then Hayden and Nicole. Unfortunately as of Wednesday morning, it looks like they’re voting Nicole out. So if Nicole leaves this week, I want Donny out next week. After that, Frankie and Christine because they have no loyalty whatsoever. Caleb needs to go next because although he is loyal, he is a huge physical threat and as of late a mental threat as well – he can win comps. Next out needs to be Zach and Nicole (if she survives this week). They will both stay loyal to Derrick, but they both have won more comps than Derrick. That leaves Derrick, Cody and Victoria in the final three. I think Derrick can win over Cody and Victoria in the final three comps and in the final two vote. The jury would definitely not vote for Victoria to win, so that is a sure $500,000. for Derrick. I think the jury might vote for Derrick to win over Cody, most likely. Cody is only a little more deserving of second place than Victoria. Cody has only won one HoH, and Victoria sort of won a POV, but she has survived the block more than once. Both Cody and Victoria has ridden Derrick’s coattails. I am scared that Derrick is thinking of evicting Victoria before Caleb or Zach, and I think that is a bad move because I don’t know if Derrick can beat them in the final three comps or at the final two.

Side Note – Before this season started, I ranked the house guests in order from their interviews. My favorite was Derrick, so that hasn’t changed, but everything else has. My favorite house guests before June 25th from 1-16 were as follows: Derrick, Christine, Nicole, Amber, Frankie, Joey, Zach, Donny, Devin, Jocasta, Hayden, Paola, Caleb, Cody, Victoria and Brittany.

4 Comments on the final 9 house guests #BB16

  1. Omg u r on point… My thoughts exactly


  2. I agree with you about the final 3. It happened as you predicted. That’s what I was hoping for, too. I am also team Derrick.


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