Big Brother 16 Preview

16 Newbies, 2 HoHs, 4 Noms, Battle of the Block, Team America

I am completely obsessed with Big Brother! It happens every year in July and continues through September. After finale night, I am usually very sad and let down. I have watched every season since Big Brother 3. My favorites are Kaysar, Janelle, Boogie, Dan, Jeff and Rachel. But last year I took it to a whole different level when I ordered the live feeds. I was completely obsessed taking my computer to bed, watching on my phone as I walked around, even taking it to the bathroom, so I didn’t miss one minute of the BB drama.

I am SO ready for Big Brother 16! I pre-ordered the Live Feeds. I pre-ordered Dick at Nite, Evel Dick’s show with former house guests. (I love Evel Dick – he’s not mean, he’s just honest.) Over the past few weeks, I re-watched Big Brother seasons 13 and 14 as sort of a pre-game for Big Brother 16. I was really hoping for an All-Star Big Brother this season. I thought my hope was a reality when showed All-Star season 7. I thought it was some kind of hint, but it wasn’t. I am probably in the minority, but I am very disappointed there is not even one veteran house guest and there are 16 newbies on Big Brother 16.

One thing that bothered me about the house guests as I watched the interviews with Jeff on and with Matt on Big Brother Network are the lack of Big Brother fans on the show. I get that it is a television show and it is for entertainment, but I don’t think it’s fair that fame-hungry people are taking the spaces from true BB fans. I want to see real Big Brother fans competing for the $500,000. prize. I don’t want to watch people who are on Big Brother just to be on tv trying to get famous. I want to watch real fans who respect and know how to play the game. It seems that at least half of the new house guests did not audition, and were not Big Brother fans until after they were recruited. Having said (or written) that, my favorite house guests and picks for the final four of Big Brother 16 are Derrick, Christine, Nicole and Amber. (I also like Frankie, Joey, Zach and Donny for the five through eight spots.) My initial thoughts on all the house guests are as follows:

  1. Derrick Levasseur – 30, married with a baby, under cover cop from Providence, RI. BB fan for a few years. Seems like a good guy. Sent in video/auditioned. Like him!
  2. Christine Brecht – 23, married, barista from Tucson, AZ. She’s sort of the female Mcrea. Goofy, nerdy, likable, outgoing and smart. Superfan, live feeder, watched every BB season. Loves Dan (one of my faves). Sent in video/auditioned. Like her!
  3. Nicole Franzel – 22, single, just graduated college, from small town in Michigan. Superfan, live feeder, watched BB since she was 8, make tee shirts of her faves. Sent in video / auditioned. Like her because she’s such a fan.
  4. Amber Borzotra – 26, single, model from Knoxville, TN. Watched BB since season 10. Seems very genuine, nice and honest. Immediately liked her.
  5. Frankie Grande – 31, single, social media/youtube personality originally from Boco, now in NYC. He’s the brother of actress Arianna Grande, whom I had never heard of but apparently is pretty popular. Big BB fan. Loved Jeff. Very outgoing and entertaining. He was rejected from Survivor and sent in video / auditioned for BB. Like him!
  6. Joey Van Pelt (female) – 27, single, makeup artist from Seattle. Not a BB fan and was recruited, but I still liked her. Funny, outgoing, real, not your typical girl. Wants to go to every music festival in a year if she wins. Like her!
  7. Zach Rance – 24, single, unemployed from Florida. He’s a bit much, very cocky, but i like him. Sort of half Dan, half Boogie (two of my faves). He is a fan of BB. Sent video / auditioned /casting call. Like him!
  8. Donny Thompson – 42, single, groundskeeper from North Carolina. Really nice guy and funny. Huge fan of BB, watched every season. Sent in video / auditioned. Like him!
  9. Devin Shepherd – 27, single dad, ex-baseball player originally from Santa Barbara, now salesman in San Antonio. Played for the St. Louis Cardinals, but quit when his daughter was born so he could be with her while she grew up. He’s a huge physical threat, or looks like it. Not sure if he’s that genuine because it seems a little fake. BB fan since season 10. Rejected from Amazing Race (tried out because of a friend, recruited for BB. Undecided if I like him or not.
  10. Jocasta Odom – 34, married mom with two kids, minister from Georgia. Bubbly and energetic. Big fan, watched every year. Sent in video / auditioned. She’s ok.
  11. Hayden Voss – 21, single, Pedicab driver from California, originally from Mass. Part surfer dude, part goofy Mcrea but more athletic. Not a BB fan, was recruited. He’s ok.
  12. Paola Shea – 27, single, DJ from NYC, originally from CT. Watched BB past few years. Recruited. She’s ok.
  13. Caleb Reynolds – 26, single, an adventure hunting guide from Kentucky. sort of reminded me of Judd, but athletic. Tried out for Amazing Race because of a friend, but was recruited for BB. Not a BB fan, would rather watch Duck Dynasty. I’m not a fan of his, but he’s ok.
  14. Cody Calafoire – 23, single, salesman from New Jersey. Jeff thinks he’s a mini-jeff, but I think he’s kind of boring. Watched BB since season 11, but was recruited and auditioned when a casting agent saw him.
  15. Victoria Rafaeli – 22, single, photographer from Florida. BB fan but was recruited. Something about her I just didn’t like.
  16. Brittany Martinez – 29, single mom of 3 kids, event planner from CA. She has never watched BB and was just recruited 2 weeks ago. I thought she was boring and I didn’t like her.

Since the house guests are all newbies, this year’s Big Brother twist is not All-Stars as I had originally thought (I’ll try to let that go soon). Instead, this season’s twist is there will be two HoHs and four nominees on Big Brother 16. The two HoHs won’t automatically be safe from eviction. Also, there is a new comp called Battle of the Block and something called Team America, which Julie Chen promises will be the most the interactive the viewers have ever been. I doubt these twist will last that long, just as we saw the end of the MVP and Coaches after the first four evictions. At first all these changes bothered me because I think the game of Big Brother is just fine the way it’s always been, but then I thought these changes could be quite interesting and entertaining. My guess is that top two winners of the HoH comp become the two HoHs and they each nominate two players. Then the two HoHs compete in the new Battle of the Block comp and whoever wins stays safe and their noms remain. And the loser HoH is no longer safe and his/her noms are off the block. Or there truly are two HoHs and four noms and maybe two vetos. There are only two eviction chairs, so they will only be two nominees on eviction night. Another change this season, for the first time Big Brother will be filmed in HD, including the live feeds. And there will be more cameras and microphones.

Tune in next Wednesday June 25th for the premiere of Big Brother 16, and don’t miss the pre-show online for the Live Feeders. Check back here every week (or maybe even every day), as I blog throughout the season in my no holds barred BB16 column. Follow me on Twitter @DeenasDays for constant BB16 rants.

2 Comments on Big Brother 16 Preview

  1. BigBroDoncey // June 20, 2014 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    Great work. While I have always loved BB, the live feeds do bring new light to things, do they not? I started watching the live feeds season 8, and haven’t been the same since 😛 I for one am not sad about the new cast. I didn’t care if they did an allstars season, but if they had, I wanted them to go all the way, not mixed (half new, half returning). As far as the casting goes, I’m not sure they get the full range of personalities they are looking for through those trying out, which is why they have to do some recruiting, though, I do think it would be cool for them to do a fans season, with hardcore fans such as bloggers, or long time feed watchers, how cool would that be??
    My predictions? Zach out first, Donny will be a favorite, (as well as mine)

    Good job Deena, and Thanks!


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