my Big Brother journal 8.18.14

Nicole was evicted Thursday. I still think it was better for Derrick’s game if Donny would have gone, but keeping Donny does afford Derrick Team America money. I just hope it doesn’t hurt his game long term. And who knows, maybe Nicole will get back into the house. Next week the four evicted house guests will compete to get back into the house. I have a feeling CBS may gear the competition toward Nicole because the audience really loved her, so maybe it will be a mental rather than physical competition. If Hayden gets back in, that could be a problem because he’s both a mental and physical threat. If Nicole gets back in, maybe she could work with Derrick.

The HoH competition was another mental comp, and Caleb was so mad. He came into the Big Brother house thinking he was going to win every competition because he is such a physical competitor, but there have been so many mental comps this season. I’m SO happy my Derrick won HoH, his second. Unfortunately, Frankie also won HoH, his fourth. Thank goodness this is the last week for two HoHs and Battle of the Block. The theory with nominations was to keep either Donny or Victoria off the block, so they can use them as a replacement nominee if the veto is used. The plan was for Derrick to remain HoH, so Frankie can compete in next week’s HoH comp in case it’s endurance because Frankie will do better than he will. Derrick and Frankie seems to trust each other completely, which makes me very happy. Derrick tells Donny that he is safe, and even if he does go on the block he is not the target. Derrick tells Victoria she is safe and not the target.

At the HoH room reveal, Frankie is so annoying about his sister. Frankie reads his letter first, even though on the CBS episode they showed him reading his last with emotional music. Derrick reads his letter telling him all sorts of things from home, including his daughter’s second word. It wasn’t even two seconds when Frankie had to reiterate how his sister is opening the VMAs. He couldn’t even let Derrick have his moment. A little while later, Derrick and Frankie brought Caleb, Zach, Cody and Christine into the HoH room. They discuss who is going up on the block. Three out of the four of them will go on the block with Donny, leaving Victoria off as a backdoor option. The plan is whoever is up with Donny is supposed to throw the comp so Donny remains on the block for eviction. No one wants to volunteer, especially Zach who initially says he won’t throw it. Caleb said he’s already thrown it a few times for the good of the alliance and if Zach refuses to throw it then it’s obvious he doesn’t trust them. Then Zach brings it up again that they, and especially Frankie, wanted him out of the house a couple of weeks ago. After a long discussion, they draw skittles to see who is going up on the block. Christine ends up on the block with Donny – Derrick will nominate them. Frankie will nominate Caleb and Cody, who must win the BoB. Ironically, after all Zach’s bitching his skittle wasn’t even drawn and he’s not on the block at all. Caleb is annoyed because he doesn’t think he should have been considered since he’s been on the block more than anyone for the alliance.

For the second week in a row, the throwing of the BoB backfired. Christine and Donny won and are safe for the week and Derrick is dethroned. During the comp Christine was called out for not putting her piece on the right board, so Donny knew she was throwing the comp. But what really gets me upset is that production was cheering on Donny – loud enough so everyone heard. This really pissed off Derrick. He had a mini break down that night, feeling a bit defeated and really missing his family. Now I am glad Derrick did not remain HoH this week because now he is eligible to play for HoH next week when he is going to need safety when someone comes back into the house.

SPOILER Everyone played in Veto except Derrick and Zach. Derrick was supposed to host, but I believe Zingbot and Kathy Griffin took care of that. I’m SO excited to see Kathy Griffin. Christine was called out for cuddling with Cody all the time. Derrick was called out for being the not good looking one, which I completely disagree with by the way. Frankie was called out about being in his sister’s shadow – yay! Victoria was called out for looking in mirrors instead of playing the game. Frankie won the Veto and Zach is being backdoored. Bye bye Zankie! They all agree that Zach is untrustworthy and goes back and forth every other day. I like Zach and think he could help out Derrick, but I’d rather see him go than Victoria. Plus, there is a good chance Zach could walk right back into the house Thursday night. Team America started their mission and hid everyone’s stuff Sunday night. Around 6pm, everyone was freaking out – Zach’s missing Gator shirt was the funniest. Everyone accused Zach of hiding everything. Two hours later, Cody found all of the items after Caleb told him where to look. Caleb has really good instincts about things and about people. He’s not the smartest, but great instincts. If Team America can continue the house to do the neighborhood watch until 6pm Monday, they will get their money. I think it will be up to $20,000 each total for all the completed missions.

Zach hasn’t done anything worse than any of the other guys, but he isn’t as good as covering his tracks. Zach has isolated himself and knows he’s going home (or to the jury house), so he’s got nothing to lose but to tell everyone everything. Zach told Caleb how the Detonators wanted him out. Zach told Donny how everyone was involved in the plan to evict him this week by throwing the BoB, and how Donny is the number one target in the house. In front of Derrick, Zach confronted Frankie about making a final three deal with himself, Frankie and Christine. Frankie is freaking out, lying his ass off to cover himself. Not sure if Caleb or Derrick fully believe either Zach or Frankie, but at least the seed of doubt is planted. Donny asked Zach to tell him if there is a weak link among the guys so he could use that weak link to turn on the others. Donny thinks Cody is the weak link and talks to him about teaming up together. Donny tells Cody that Derrick, Frankie and Christine are working together and are unbreakable. If  Donny only knew about the HitMen. If Donny had any kind of social game and hadn’t isolated himself, he’d be sitting at the end with (hopefully) Derrick. Donny wonders why everyone is so against him when he hasn’t done anything. Exactly Donny, you haven’t done anything but win every competition (well at least many BoBs and Vetos). Had you stayed up with everyone else and found some common ground, you might not be the number one target in the house.

Again, Derrick survived the week with no one the wiser. Again, the person Derrick wants evicted is being evicted. In his DR session, Frankie said that Derrick is the only one he trusts 100%. I’m so glad about this! I was really worried Frankie would turn on Derrick. I still don’t like Frank very much ever since he told everyone who is sister is. And that I now know he’s not a real Big Brother fan. Frankie is just hear to gain fame and more followers. He didn’t even know Janelle finished third in season 6 and 7. Yeah, big fan! Cody and Victoria also completely trust Derrick over anyone. Caleb also trusts Derrick. Zach does too, but since he’s leaving it doesn’t much matter. The only one Derrick has to worry about is Donny, which is why I wanted him out last week instead of Nicole. Now with the possibility of Hayden coming back into the house, Donny will be twice as strong. Thursday is sure to be another exciting show! It is sure to change the game just as the double eviction did.



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