my Big Brother journal 8.25.14

the final 8

Not much going on in the feeds this week, and my guess is it will only get less exciting over the next month. Pretty much everything I was going to blog about was covered in last night’s episode, except for the Veto. I really liked that the four evicted house guests got to go back into the house and hug everyone and say hello before the comp. I did not like that now that there is finally one HoH, the nomination ceremony is still just the HoH pulling out two keys and the pictures appearing on the wall. I miss the passing of the key box and the “you are safe.”

SPOILER We know Nicole came back into the house, and Cody won HoH and nominated Nicole and Donny. Before the Veto competition, Donny told Nicole that when he goes to the jury house, he is going to tell everyone not to vote for Derrick because Frankie deserves it more because he’s won more comps. Here’s the spoiler part. Everyone played in the Veto Saturday, except Victoria and Caleb. Victoria was picked to play, but that morning she passed out on the bathroom floor. Nicole yelled for Derrick and then the feeds were cut. She was gone a few hours. The medic told Victoria, her blood pressure was really low. They wanted her to eat, rest, but not to fall asleep. Victoria has been suffering with an impacted wisdom tooth and apparently the day before she took a lot of advil and had some alcohol. Caleb was not picked for the Veto, but he hosted. It was the counting comp with the Stay/Fold. Apparently, the ‘Detonators’ had a plan so neither Donny nor Nicole would win. It must have worked because Cody won the Veto. He plans on not using the Veto and evicting Donny. Sunday fans shouted over the wall again saying bad things about Frankie – that he was the saboteur and not to trust him. Cody, Caleb and Christine were at the hammock and heard this. Donny, Derrick and Nicole were across the yard on the couches and didn’t hear it. Later on, Cody and Derrick discuss possibly backdooring Frankie. Cody wants to use the Veto and do it this week knowing Frankie would go home when Derrick Victoria and Nicole would vote him out. Derrick convinces him it would be better to go after Frankie (or Christine) next week because if they evict Frankie this week, Caleb will be mad at them and come after them and Donny and Nicole will still be in the house working together to get them out. For their long term game, it is better not to get Frankie out this week. The Veto was not used and unless something changes, Donny is going home on Thursday.

There is a clear trio of duos in the house: Derrick/Cody vs. Donny/Nicole vs. Frankie/Christine. Caleb is with Derrick, Cody and Frankie. Caleb is super close with Frankie, but knows Frankie betrayed him and believes Derrick and Cody never have – that they’re the most loyal of the alliance. Victoria is 100% loyal to Derrick and therefore to Cody. It will be interesting to see who Nicole aligns with once Donny is evicted. I would like to see her work with Derrick and Cody because I really like Nicole, but Derrick does not trust her at all. This is the order I want them out of the house: Donny, Frankie, Christine, Caleb, Nicole then Victoria, Cody and Derrick in the final three with Derrick winning Big Brother 16. This is the order that Derricks wants them out of the house: Donny, Nicole, Christine, Frankie, Victoria then Caleb, Cody and himself in the final three. This scares me a bit because I am afraid Caleb would beat them in the final three comps. Although Caleb did tell Derrick that he would take him to the final two over Cody because he thinks he can win over Derrick and not Cody. But still I’d rather Derrick win and have the choice of who he takes to the final two.

Ok, for all the Derrick haters out there. I just don’t get it. I have watched every minute, every second of the live feeds, and I have never seen Derrick be a bully or an ass or a terrible person. Yes, he’s lying and manipulating, but that’s the game – that’s Big Brother. He is a good person, a great guy. These people are trapped in the house for three months, so of course they are going to make fun of each other and say some nasty things, but he hasn’t said anything that I think is disgusting. I mean Evel Dick said way worse things in Season 8 and everyone loved him, including myself. So I am really not sure why all the hate? Donny has said terrible things, and so has Caleb and Christine. And Zach said some really disgusting and violent things about Victoria, and he is the most popular house guest. By the way, Derrick defended Victoria to Zach when Zach was saying these things. So maybe everyone is just annoyed that Derrick is so great at this game making this season is boring, so they need to blame him and hate to create drama. This hatred, it seems, has unfortunately caused Derrick’s wife Jana to cancel her Twitter account. This is terrible because Jana is a sweetheart and has been great with the fans, especially considering she’s never even watched Big Brother. I tweeted Derrick’s twitter, which is run by his friend while he’s in the house, and asked why Jana left Twitter and to send her my support. This was his response:

Derrick Levasseur

Thanks Deena I think shes just taking a break from social media and focusing on her work and family

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