my Big Brother journal 9.7.14

The Double Eviction Thursday sent both Nicole and Christine to the Jury House. Nicole was evicted first. Then Derrick won HoH and nominated Christine and Victoria, with the intent of evicting Christine. Frankie won Veto, kept noms the same and Christine was evicted. Christine walked out and did not hug anyone or look at anyone and was booed hard by the audience. The house guests were shocked she was booed and have been trying to figure out why. They think maybe she was a really mean person who has been saying terrible things in the DR, and which is more likely all of her flirting with Cody even though she is married.

I am not sure why I am recapping or even watching the live feeds since this week doesn’t count because of the rewind button. This Wednesday’s live episode will pick up exactly where last Thursday’s live episode left off. There is a large gold button in the redesigned Have Not room when if pushed will rewind the entire week. The house guests do not know what will happen, but we do. During the live show Wednesday (now that the live eviction shows are Wednesdays instead of Thursdays), the nominees will come off the block and they will redo the HoH comp, nominees, Veto comp and Veto ceremony – all of this will happen live on Wednesday’s show. It will be like the the second half of the double eviction where a week’s worth of Big Brother is played in one hour.


So of course Frankie won HoH, and they immediately push the rewind button. Frankie and Cody were 100% for pushing the button. Derrick was 100% against pushing the button knowing that it will be a game changer and feared it would ruin his game. Caleb and Victoria were on the fence about whether to push it or now. So they all decided to push it together, put their hands together and pushed the button. Immediately a countdown clock came with five days etc etc. They figured out the countdown will end Wednesday at 5:25pm pst, which is during the live show but they don’t know the live show has been switched to Wednesdays. But we know on the live show the noms will come off the block and Frankie will be dethroned as HoH and the week was for nothing, completely rewound to last Thursday. Derrick will be the outgoing HoH, so he won’t be able to compete in the HoH re-do. I am glad this rewind week happened when Frankie won HoH, so there is a second chance for him not to win. I am hoping Frankie will be so upset Wednesday that he does not win HoH and then does not win Veto and they evict him. He will be floored if he goes from HoH to evicted in an hour on the live show Wednesday. It will be epic!

When Derrick picked up his HoH picture, letter, and basket from the storage room, he was acting weird. Cody went into the storage room with him to help him carry out his stuff. Cody grabbed the picture and asked, “Is that your brother? No, that’s not your brother. Why did I ask that? Who is that with your daughter?” Derrick grabbed the picture and said, “I don’t know if this is the best picture,” and took it directly into the DR. I thought maybe the picture showed somehow showing Derrick is a cop. But after Derrick got the new picture, he told the house guests “I love her to death. I think that would hurt her” then the feeds were cut. So I am not sure if it was an unflattering picture of his sister or wife or Derrick was just making up a story to cover him being a cop.

“Hollas” from each of the evicted house guests. Zach’s was the best coupling it with “Ya Fruit Loop Dingus!” Donny’s, Hayden’s and Jocasta’s “Hollas” weren’t so exciting. Derrick took this to mean that those three would not vote for him in the final two.

Friday afternoon after Jeff’s live interview with evicted house guest Christine, Jeff and Jordan rang the doorbell and came into the Big Brother house. The house guests thought they were there to host a comp. They went into the backyard and Jeff and Jordan’s families were there, and Jeff finally proposed to Jordan. It was five years ago that they met on Big Brother 11 and they included the final five house guests from Big Brother 16 in their engagement. The house guests were only out there for 20 minutes, during which Derrick cut his finger really badly. The family stayed in the backyard.

Later that night, Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria for eviction with Victoria as the target. But now Cody will know he’s low man on totem poll, so maybe he’ll go after Frankie Wednesday in the re-do. Frankie of course won the Veto on Saturday. It was the mash up comp, with the house guests faced all mashed up into one and you have to name who made up the picture. Frankie won three comps in 24 hours. They should have backdoored him when they had the chance because now he has a chance to save himself every time. The Veto ceremony took place today, a day early, and we got to watch it live on the feeds! Frankie of course did not use it and kept the noms the same. Cody and Victoria will stay on the block for Wednesday’s eviction. Victoria is the one they are voting out, but it doesn’t really matter since the whole week will be re-done on Wednesday’s live episode. With the Veto ceremony a day early and showing live on the feeds, the house guests now realize Wedenesday’s show is going to be the live eviction and another live eviction Thursday because they still think the finale is September 17. It’s funny because the only one not worried about what pushing the button will bring (ie Frankie) is the only one who is going to be upset on Wednesday. And the re-do HoH comp will probably be a mental comp since it has to be a quick comp for the live show.

Obviously the four guys deserve to be there over Victoria. I can’t stand Frankie and don’t want to see him in the final two just because he’s so entitled, but he has played a great game and is a competition beast. I don’t think Cody has done much except help Derrick execute his game, which has brought him far. I have grown to really like Caleb. He is a really good guy, even if he does kill innocent animals and is unbelievably conceited and a little stalkerish – although I think that is his conceitedness. I would like to see Caleb in the final two with Derrick. I am not sure who Derrick could win against – Caleb, Frankie or Cody? I don’t know how the jury would vote. Derrick’s only guarantee to win in final two is Victoria, but I don’ t think he is going to keep her safe. It is pretty cool that these guys who have been together since week one will be the final four – unless they get Frankie out on Wednesday (fingers crossed).

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