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life after the U2ieTour

Now that my U2ieTour is finished, I can return to my ‘normal’ life and give some of my other passions, and this blog, some attention. This entire year has been consumed with U2. From January to April, I finished writing and publishing my book On the Road with U2: my musical journey, and then from May 14 to July 31, I went to 15 U2ieTour shows in Vancouver, Denver, Chicago and New York City. If you were wondering where I have been, that’s where I was. But now I’m back and have made some great plans to get me over the post-tour blues.

This week is Elvis week and although I no longer live in Memphis, I am still going to celebrate Elvis’ life on the 38th anniversary of his death this Sunday August 16th at Rams Head Center Stage in Maryland Live Casino. (I’m sure I’ll also hit the slots a little) Because my mom is such a high roller at the casino (haha), we got free tickets to see Elvis Tribute Artist William Stiles. Also in attendance will be my first cousins whom I don’t know very well, but it will be a nice little Dietrich family reunion with Elvis.

A few days later, I will attend my first of three Orioles games I have planned through October. On August 18, I will be going to Orioles Social Media Night. I went to the first two in 2013 and 2014, but missed this year’s because I was away on the U2ieTour. But luckily they are having two Social Media nights at Camden Yards this year. I love Social Media night and will be sitting in a RoofDeck seat so I can continue to party after the party ends. My next Orioles game is September 1st celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cal Ripken’s 2131 game (even though it was September 6, 1995). For this game, I will be sitting in the front row in section 8 – close to field in case Brady shows up to help Cal celebrate. Cal is throwing out the first pitch, so I’m hoping Brady will catch it. I was there for every game that 2131 week in 1995, except the actual 2131 game. My next Orioles game is the final home regular season game – and my birthday October 4th. I’m going with my best friend Cindy and we’re sitting in the bleachers because it is a Yankees game and they double the price, but we’re in the 5th row! Should be a great birthday! Fall Ball in Baltimore! What could be better?

Two weeks later I will be in Cleveland, Ohio for the Broncos-Browns game on October 18th. I had to keep my minimum one Broncos game a season streak alive and this season Cleveland was the closest the Broncos were playing to Baltimore (except for Pittsburgh but it’s much warmer in October than in December). It’s just a six hour drive, so I will be driving out Saturday morning October 17 (most likely with my dogs) and staying at the Aloft. It’s just a short trolley ride to the Browns stadium and to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The Broncos game is Sunday at 1pm, but of course I will be there before the gates open to maybe welcome the Broncos bus and definitely watch all the pre-game warmups. Then I will leave 6am Monday morning, so I can be home at noon to work. Luckily, I have already earned some comp time to cover my little jaunt to Cleveland. And this just in – Rick Smith has started a new group Denver Broncos Fan Club – Baltimore Chapter. I have finally found a place close to home to watch the game with fellow Broncos fans! We will meet at MaGerk’s in Federal Hill on game days. Please click here if you want to join.

I am going to the Grizzlies games in DC, Philly and New York, as I do every season. The Grizzlies made it tough on me this year though playing back to back in Philly and DC, Tuesday December 22 and Wednesday December 23 respectively. The Grizzlies play in NYC against the Knicks on Friday February 5. They play the Nets five days later on the 10th, so I doubt I’ll go back up to New York for that one. This just in – less than 24 hours after the NBA schedule was announced I got tickets to see the Grizzlies in Philly, DC and NYC!

If you’re an Elvis, Orioles, Broncos or Grizzlies fan, please follow me on Twitter @DeenasDays and remember to always Pursue your Passion!

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