My Orioles second half 2015 preview – 3 games in August, September, October

I went to Opening Day in April, but haven’t been to an Orioles game since then because I’ve been away on the U2ieTour since May. Now the tour is over and I’m ready for some baseball! I have scheduled three Orioles games over the next three months.

One week from today on August 18, I will be going to Orioles Social Media Night. I went to the first two in 2013 and 2014, but missed this year’s because I was away on the U2ieTour. But luckily this year the Orioles have scheduled a second Social Media night at Camden Yards this year. I love Social Media night and will be sitting in a RoofDeck seat so I can continue to party after the party ends.

Exactly two weeks later on September 1st I will be at the Orioles game celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cal Ripken’s 2131 game (even though it was September 6, 1995). For this game, I will be sitting in the front row in section 8 – close to field in case Brady shows up to help Cal celebrate. Cal is throwing out the first pitch, so I’m hoping Brady will catch it. I was there for every game that 2131 week in 1995, except the actual 2131 game.

My next Orioles game is the final home regular season game – and my birthday October 4th. I’m going with my best friend Cindy and we’re sitting in the bleachers because it is a Yankees game and they double the price, but we’re in the 5th row! Should be a great birthday! Fall Ball in Baltimore! What could be better?

See you at The Yard! If you are at any of these games, Tweet me @DeenasDays and come say Hi!

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