If you need some Inspiration, watch 7th Heaven

TV Tuesday

One of my favorites shows, one of many series I re-watch year after year, is 7th Heaven. I adore 7th Heaven. It is an Aaron Spelling show, but it’s not soap opera drama like Melrose Place or cheesy like The Love Boat (although I also really like those shows also, just in a different way). 7th Heaven is a family drama, more specifically about a minister’s family. I don’t have my own family, no kids or husband, and I’m not one to get all sappy about family stuff, but 7th Heaven is different. It promotes good values without being preachy or cheesy. 7th Heaven is about a family who encounters problems we all do – they just happen to be a minister’s family. None of the characters are perfect and often make wrong decisions and have to suffer the consequences, but there is always a positive message that leaves me in tears after most episodes. If you are in need of feeling good about the world and about mankind or even searching to be a better person yourself, give 7th Heaven a watch. The entire 11 seasons are streaming free on Amazon Prime and are available on DVD. Let me know that you think!

3 Comments on If you need some Inspiration, watch 7th Heaven

  1. Another good blog as always. 😊 You got me sold!!! Going to start tonight! Thanks for the tip! 😉


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