The 25th Anniversary of Beverly Hills 90210

TV Tuesday

Last Sunday was the 25th anniversary of Beverly Hills 90210, my favorite show (after Happy Days). 90210 debuted on my 18th birthday, October 4, 1990, so it was fated that I would love it. I have all ten seasons on dvd, which I binge watch every year. I pretty much can recite the dialogue of every episode, especially from the first four seasons, my favorite seasons – the seasons that included Brenda. My favorite storylines are the ones with Kelly and Brenda, who are my favorite characters from BH 90210. Here is one of my favorite scenes from Beverly Hills 90210 …  

Beverly Hills 90210 was significant in the history of television in that it was the first nighttime teen drama. 90210 paved the way for many more prime time teen soaps including Party of Five, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, My So-Called Life, Felicity and The O.C. – just to name a few. 90210 was significant in tv history in another way. It was the first time new episodes aired over the summer when all other shows were repeats – it also ran against coverage of the Gulf War. BH 90210 had a slow first season, and quite frankly it was not very good. But those summer episodes changed everything turning 90210 into a phenomenon catapulting its stars into instant stardom. 90210 went on to run for ten seasons and had a just as popular spin-off in Melrose Place. Beverly Hills 90210 was an Aaron Spelling production, and Aaron Spelling himself changed the course of television. Some of my favorite Aaron Spelling shows besides 90210 are 7th Heaven, Melrose Place, Love Boat and Charlie’s Angels.

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