Bosom Buddies, Back to the Future, Bryan Adams – the 1980s from A to Z

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

It’s, like, totally bitchin’ you came back to find out what my favorite B’s are from the 1980s. Like the most righteous tv show, movie and music from the 80s.

Bosom Buddies
It only ran for two seasons, beginning in 1980, but Bosom Buddies made quite an impression on me. I still remember it vividly. It was the first thing I ever saw Tom Hanks in, considering it was the first thing he starred in. If you never watched Bosom Buddies and have no idea what it was about, watch the video below as it explains it better than I ever could.


Back to the Future
I loved Back to the Future in 1985, and I still love it today. I watch the trilogy (well the first two movies) probably once a year or every other year. In October 2015, the trilogy was re-released in theaters to commemorate its 30th anniversary as well as for Back to the Future Day on October 26, 2015 – the day Marty went into the future in Back to the Future Part II. I went to the theater and watched the entire trilogy – all three movies for seven hours. Lots of popcorn and candy was consumed that night. My love for Back to the Future comes from its combination of 1950s and the 1980s, my two favorite decades.


Bryan Adams
I was totally in love with Bryan Adams back in the day. In middle school (1983-1986), I had his Reckless poster on the wall in my bedroom. The poster was a black and white photo of Bryan wearing a black leather jacket with the collar turned up 50s style. Again combining my love of the 1950s and 1980s. (this is a common theme through this challenge – not to mention my life) I am finally going to see Bryan Adams in concert for the first time this September at Wolf Trap in Virginia. Bryan’s latest album Get Up is actually really great. Usually these bands I liked in the 80s release albums now that I really don’t like that much. Usually it’s the nostalgia factor why I like them – their songs from the 80s. But i really like Bryan’s current songs, which will make his show in September all the more enjoyable. Now i know why I like Ryan Bingham so much – his raspy voice reminds me a lot of Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams had a lot of great songs in the 80s including, “Summer of ’69,” “Run to You,”One Night Love Affair,” “Somebody,””Cuts Like a Knife,” “Straight From the Heart,” “It’s Only Love,” but my favorite is “Heaven.”


Thank you for joining me on my trip back to the totally tubular 1980s as I complete my Blogging from A to Z Challenge. What was your favorite tv show, movie and band from the 80s starting with the letter B? Please come back tomorrow to read about my faves from the 80s that start with the letter C. And be sure to check out the 1970s from A to Z here.


19 Comments on Bosom Buddies, Back to the Future, Bryan Adams – the 1980s from A to Z

  1. Augusta & Helena // April 2, 2016 at 11:58 am // Reply

    Didn’t think I would come across another blog post about Bosom Buddies for the B Challenge! Loved your 80’s recollections and Heaven is my favourite Bryan Adams song too. Great post.


  2. I can relate as I graduated and was s young adult through the 80s. I’m doing a decade for my throne too. 1970s


  3. Return to the Future is really a classic. Not one fo my favourite films, but certainly one that I always enjoy watching.
    And hey! I loved Brian Adams too when I was a kid 🙂
    I don’t hink I’ve ever seen Bosom Buddies.

    The Old Shelter – Jazz Age Jazz


  4. Bosom Buddies – The first time I fell in love with Tom Hanks!
    Bryan Adams – such a great musician. I love many of his songs. I think one of my favorites is Everything I do I do it for you
    Back to the Future – This was a really great film. I loved Michael J Fox in Family Ties, and I loved seeing him in a different light in this film

    Truly loving your theme! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for C

    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Literary Gold
    Jingle Jangle Jungle


  5. Oh man…I think I wore out at least two copies of Reckless. Totally loved that album, still do. 😀


  6. Lol. Bosom Buddies was a great show. Very funny!! The other “B” 80’s show I enjoyed was Benson. I loved the Back To The Future movies. The first one is still my favorite. I remember watching them in school and every time they came on TV. I don’t remember Bryan Adams too much back then but I do love the song he sang with Rod Stewart and Sting, All For One from the movie The Three Musketeers. But I did love Bon Jovi and The Bangles music from the 80’s. Great blog as always my friend. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the “C” list. 👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Vicky and thanks for sharing your faves. I also enjoyed Benson. So you don’t remember Summer of 69 from Bryan Adams or heaven or somebody or the duet with Tina Turner It’s Only Love?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Omg Deena! I know those songs and love them!! I was unaware that it was him!! Oh ok. Thanks so much for the info. I guess I did enjoy his music. Lol. Not only are these blogs a good read but very interesting and informative. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Blessings. 😊


  7. Enjoyed this – thanks for sharing!

    from @HelenHollick
    Let Us Talk Of Many Things
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  8. Ah – my decade 🙂 I remember the 80s so fondly. I totally adored Bryan Adams and Back to the Future, although I don’t know Bosom Buddies.
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)


  9. Brian Adams was great. Yes, I do remember watching Bosom Buddies. It was quite a riot, wasn’t it? As for Back to the Future, how can you NOT enjoy this film? Not only do I have the soundtrack, but I host a Back to the Future party at my house every November 5th. I pack the house in and we watch the first two films. I make sure to have Peanut Brittle, Tab soda and “milk, chocolate” as some of the refreshments. One year my sister made the Welcome Home Uncle Joey cake and it looked exactly like it. It was a great party. This year, I had a copy of Grey’s Sports Almanac and the Marty McFly future hat as part of my props on hand. Yes, some times I go a little overboard.


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