Cosby Show, Cocktail, Cyndi Lauper – the 1980s from A to Z

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

Like, OH MY GOD! It’s totally awesome you came back to find out what my favorite C’s are from the 1980s. Like the most rad tv show, movie and music from the 80s.

The Cosby Show
Regardless of what is going on with Billy Cosby now, The Cosby Show was a great, innovative show that shed a new light on race and class. But as a young teenager in the mid-80s, I just knew it was a funny show. I didn’t see it as a ‘black’ sit com, I just saw it as a sit com – a great, family sit com. My parents and I watched it together every week.


I loved Tom Cruise when I was in high school, and Cocktail came out in 1988 during my Junior Year. I loved Ralph Macchio in Middle School, Tom Cruise in High School and Nic Cage in College. And they each starred in a movie with Elisabeth Shue. Cocktail was Tom’s movie with Elisabeth. It was a cheesy, predictable, romantic comedy and I loved it! I don’t watch it so much anymore, but used to watch it repeatedly.


Cyndi Lauper
She’s So Unusual, Cyndi Lauper’s first album, was released in 1983 the same year as Madonna’s self titled debut – and I loved them both! I loved seeing, and yes looking up to, these powerful, confident women. I was a feminist even as a 6th grader. (and as a feminist I mean equal to men, not better than men, not hating men) Cyndi was just so cool in her music videos – and totally different than anyone I’d ever seen before. I am going to see Cyndi Lauper for the first time in concert on June 1st at Wolf Trap in Virginia – she’s playing with Boy George from Culture Club, who I’ve also never seen! Cyndi Lauper had a lot of great songs in the 80s including “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “All Through the Night,” and “True Colors,” but my favorite is “Time After Time” with “She Bop” as a close second.


Thank you for joining me on my trip back to the totally tubular 1980s as I complete my Blogging from A to Z Challenge. What was your favorite tv show, movie and band or song from the 80s starting with the letter C? Please come back tomorrow to read about my faves from the 80s that start with the letter D. And be sure to check out the 1970s from A to Z here.


18 Comments on Cosby Show, Cocktail, Cyndi Lauper – the 1980s from A to Z

  1. Now this is a great one Deena!! Love it!! The Cosby Show was definitely one of my favorite 80’s show also!! I loved it. I agree. It was innovative as well as funny!! I’ve never seen cocktail but I have a couple of favorite 80’s “C” movies that I loved starting with Child’s Play, Coming To America, & The Color Purple. I still watch them today as if they just came out. Cyndi Lauper was one of my favorites during the 80’s, as well as one of the best back then!! Time After Time is still one of my favorite songs. But another favorite of mine from the 80’s was Culture Club!!! Loved their music. Thanks again for doing this blog! It’s fun and something to look forward to. Keep up the great work my friend. You’re doing a great job!! Blessings.


  2. I’ve never seen cocktail, because I’ve never really been a Tom Cruise’s fan (sorry 😉 ), but I used to watch the Crosby Show too.
    I can’t say I was exactly a Sindy Loper fan, but I’ve always liked her songs. Now I can see how different she was, but when I was a kid, she was just herself to me. I didn’t perceive her as ‘different’.


  3. You’re talking my language here! I used to watch the Cosby show religiously, and yes, it makes me sad to now know about the goings on with Bill Cosby. Back in the day, Tom Cruise was a hottie and he had some fun movies – today he’s just a short ego maniac that gets on my nerves. And Cyndi Lauper – I’ve loved her from the beginning. Her quirky voice and she is so very talented, too! Your post today is like a warm comforter from yesterday.

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  4. The Cosby Show is what my childhood was made of… 🙂

    – Joy C is for Charity


  5. plaguedparents // April 4, 2016 at 6:58 pm // Reply

    Love your AtoZ theme!
    Definitely an 80’s child here! Loved all 3 of your suggestions. Especially Mr. Cruise when he was young and not bonkers, lol!


  6. Enjoying walking down memory lane with your 80’s theme #atozchallenge


  7. Interesting what time has done to these 1980s icons. Bill Cosby’s issues and Tom Cruises controversies. For Cindy, I can only think of her Broadway success with Kinky Boots. Great post.


  8. More stuff I love – I’m definitely coming back here now I’ve found your theme 🙂 I wasn’t a regular viewer of the Cosby Show, but I do remember enjoying it. I loved Tom Cruise in the 80s too – not as much as some others, but he could always make me take notice :). Cyndi Lauper’s voice grabs me every time I hear it and I was totally into her style 🙂
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  9. Cyndi Lauper is great. I love her music, especially the 80’s music. I think I may have watched Cocktail, but I don’t really remember much about it. Bill Cosby was always my favourite comedian and I loved his TV show. Like you, it wasn’t a black sitcom. It was a sitcom.


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