Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill

It is fair to say I am pretty much obsessed with the Kennedys, but mostly Bobby. Jackie is second then Jack then probably Rose then Teddy. Clint Hill was Jacqueline Kennedy’s secret service man. In his book Mrs. Kennedy and Me, Clint writes he and Jackie became friends even though she was intensely private. He writes the Jack was more attentive to her and their kids after baby Patrick’s death in August 1963. Sad that only three months before JFK was killed, their marriage was finally great. Clint writes about that fateful day in Dallas. While Clint was protecting Jackie, I don’t understand what Jack’s guy was doing? There were three shots, so why didn’t his secret service guy jump on him after the first shot? Clint writes that JFK told him “Whatever you do, do not let Mrs. Kennedy cross paths with Aristotle Onasis.” And later in regards to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Jackie said, “‘If the situation develops, I will take Caroline and John, and we will walk hand in hand out onto the south grounds. We will stand there like brave little soldiers, and face the fate of every other American.'” Her sense of duty was unreal. Clint Hill’s book was very detailed with lots of behind the scenes stuff, and it made me cry. If you enjoy reading about the Kennedys, you will enjoy this book!

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