Social Media Marketing World 2018

Two weeks ago I attended Social Media Marketing World 2018 in San Diego, the Super Bowl of Social Media. While I loved San Diego and learned a few key things about Social Media, it was not quite the experience I was expecting. I did not have the ‘All Access’ pass that got me into all the sessions. I had the ‘Community Pass’ that allowed me access to the four keynote sessions and the Networking Plaza.


My Takeaways:

1 – Must do LIVE VIDEO to interact with followers – it’s the future.

2 – Must do STORIES / 15 sec VIDEOS as they are replacing text posts.

3 – Must learn and implement FACEBOOK MESSENGER BOTS.


Keynote Sessions:

1 – Social Media Marketing 2018
Talked about the new Facebook policies announced in January.
2/3 of marketers prefer Facebook
Meaningful interactions will be prioritized in newsfeed – those posts with comments and shares and likes. So it’s more important to target a smaller, relevant audience then just going for a mass audience. Quality over quantity.
LIVE VIDEO is the future, and gets priority in newsfeed.
STORIES overtaking posts.
Facebook Messenger Bots are the future for marketing.

2 – Past, Present and Future of Social Media
“Markets are Conversations.”
“Twitter is your window to relevance, but Facebook is your homepage for the social web.”
Influence is not Popularity.

3 – Facebook Messenger Bots For Marketing 
I was very interested in this as a few companies have already contacted me via messenger just the past few weeks: PayPal and CBS.
I didn’t learn how to set up Messenger Bots, but have website to take class to learn – it’s free.
You can add Messenger to your website, so customers can chat with you.
Facebook Messenger can set appointments, sell products and collect money.
No more email lists, now there’s Messenger lists. Messenger replaces email marketing.

4 – How to Build SuperFans that Speed Your Growth
Connect Casual Audience to Engaged Audience by giving them a small, quick take away – they’ll come back.
Bring Engaged Audience to Connected Community by giving them attention.
Turn Connected Community into SuperFans by showing some behind the scenes stuff and creating memorable moments by surprise.
“If you aren’t shared, you don’t exist.”
“Have you gained a fan today?”



1 – TwitterSmarter Live Chat
Found this on Twitter before I came out here. Was led by one of the speakers, but open to all even me who didn’t have all access.
It was not an instruction about how to twitter smarter like I thought. Rather it was the moderators on Facebook Live doing a twitter chat and all of us sitting around (and everyone on twitter) answering the questions while they answered on Facebook live.
It was great fun, and I met a few people and gained quite a few twitter followers.

2 – Surprised most people here are business owners and entrepreneurs learning social media to market their product. Very few bloggers and some social media managers.

3 – It seemed Social Media Marketing World is more about networking than actually learning from the sessions. Networking is really not my thing as I only really met and talked with five people and only gave my card to three of them.

4 – I wanted to learn how to create better content to drive more business, but I didn’t learn how to do that. But maybe the live video, stories and Facebook messenger bots will do that.

5 – All and all it was worth it, even if I would have paid for it myself. I don’t think it’s worth it to do it again though unless I had the All Access pass to all of the sessions. The live band at beginning of three of the Keynotes was fantastic! It was Scott Page’s band – Scott played sax with Pink Floyd, Toto and Supertramp.

2 Comments on Social Media Marketing World 2018

  1. michaelstelzner // March 15, 2018 at 9:43 am // Reply

    Thanks for your write up Denna. I think you would have been better suited with a marketer ticket so you could have attended all the sessions. There were a ton of bloggers there and actually most attendees are not business owners but rather work for businesses.


    • Michael thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting. I truly appreciate it and meeting you right before the last keynote session. Yes I do think I would have benefited more from the Marketer ticket. I did learn some things though and am glad I went as I have always wanted to go. Thanks again!


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