“From a Jack to a King” – Elvis from A to Z

I chose Vernon’s (Elvis’ father) favorite Elvis song “From a Jack to a King” as my Elvis ‘F’ topic for my A to Z Blogging Challenge. I have always loved this song too. It’s weird but as much as I love 1950s music and rockabilly, my favorite Elvis era for his music is the 1970s. Equally as weird is the fact I do not like country music (except for old school country like Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline), but many of my favorite Elvis songs are his country songs like “From a Jack to a King.”

This song is nothing emotional or nostalgic for me, I just like it – it’s catchy. It is as simple as that. Sometimes it’s just not that deep. “From a Jack to a King” was written by Ned Miller in 1957 and re-released in 1962. Since then, many country artists have covered it. Elvis recorded it in 1969, but I associate it with his 70s music.


What is your favorite movie, song, book about Elvis that begins with ‘F’? Please comment below. Check back tomorrow to see what ‘G’ topic I’ve chosen for Elvis, as my A to Z April Blogging Challenge continues here.

8 Comments on “From a Jack to a King” – Elvis from A to Z

  1. I never knew that this was Vernon’s favorite Elvis song, interesting! It’s definitely a catchy tune that I always sing along to when it comes on my Elvis Radio. I guess my favorite F song would be “Fame and Fortune” from the younger days but my all-time F song would be “for the good times”. I completely agree with you about the 1970s being my favorite Elvis era as well. Elvis in the seventies from his personal life and music, to documentaries, I love Elvis in the 70s the best!


    • very cool. thanks julie. yeah i heard it was vernon’s favorite song on elvis radio. fame and fortune is a good one too. elvis’ voice was just so much better in the 70s and overall i just like all of those songs the most.


  2. I agree completely, his voice in the 70s was absolutely fantastic and he was really on top of it. Especially during the early 70s!


  3. I like that song, pretty catchy. Thanks for sharing about yet another Elvis’ movie 🙂


  4. I’m not big on Elvis “country” recordings as I prefer the music of the 40’s and 50’s, but I do like “Funny How Time Slips Away.” I think I’m so used to how the old standards were sung that when other artists put all these riffs and things in them it annoys me! (rolls eyes…)


    • thanks for reading and commenting. love to get others’ perspectives. because i didn’t know most of these old country songs, elvis’ versions were the first i heard so to me they’re elvis songs. funny how time slips away is a GREAT song!


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