Elvis and Me – Elvis from A to Z

There was only one clear choice for my ‘E’ topic for the A to Z Blogging Challenge and that is Elvis and Me, both the movie and the book – but more the movie. Elvis and Me was written by Priscilla Presley (Elvis’ ex wife) in 1985 and turned into a television mini series in 1988. Priscilla wrote about her life with Elvis from when she met him in the army in 1959 until his death in 1977. It was the first Elvis book I ever read, and I have always been completely obsessed with the movie – watching it at least three times a year (and it’s over three hours long).

I can’t really explain my obsession with this movie, except it was probably one of the first Elvis dramatizations I watched and therefore holds a very special place in my heart. Even though it does not always paint Elvis in the best light and is sometimes inaccurate and not even filmed at Graceland, I can’t help but love it. For some reason, I tend to enjoy dramatizations almost more than the documentaries. I think it is because I enjoy the personal aspect of a person’s life more than their career, so I like seeing their personal life acted out more than I like to see the actual footage of their career – if that makes sense. Also, Priscilla’s story is every young girl’s dream. We all wanted to fall in love and have relationship with our crush.


What is your favorite movie, song, book about Elvis that begins with ‘E’? Please comment below. Check back tomorrow to see what ‘F’ topic I’ve chosen for Elvis, as my A to Z April Blogging Challenge continues here.

6 Comments on Elvis and Me – Elvis from A to Z

  1. Elvis and Me was definitely my all-time favorite book, also being the very first Elvis related book I have ever read. I read it several times throughout the year. Its so truthful and describes Elvis as being a real person, faults and all. I also like the movie but I remember hearing in an interview with Priscilla that some of the parts are not completely accurate and she was disappointed about it. This is just what I remember hearing from her. It’s such a romantic book and movie, definitely my all time favorite!


  2. I’ve never heard of this. (But I do love the song “Unforgettable!”) I’ll have to look for this one.
    Impromptu Promptlings


  3. Elvis and Me I love that movie and the book.


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