Virtual Elvis Week 2020 from home

So no Elvis Week in Memphis for me this year as I haven’t left the house since June and only a handful of times since March. No worries, I honored the life of Elvis Presley in my own way and shared it with my Elvis friends online having my own Virtual Elvis Week from home.

Every day from August 8 through August 16, I posted a video of my most treasured Elvis memorabilia including Elvis’ first TV Guide cover from 1956, JD Sumner’s Wooden August 1978 Calendar, my Elvis Book Collection, my Joe Petruccio Jerry Schilling and Elvis Painting, my Girl Happy Collection, autographs, my Elvis Record Collection, my Elvis Ring, the Baltimore newspaper from August 17, 1977 and last Elvis concert ticket stub. You can find all of these videos here on my facebook page.

During my Virtual Elvis Week from home I read five Elvis books (including this wonderful Elvis fiction Waking Up in Graceland that I absolutely adored), listened to 38 Elvis records and watched 25 Elvis movies and documentaries. Every Elvis Week and Birthday whether I am home or in Memphis, I always watch my favorites Elvis and Me, This is Elvis and Girl Happy – they are a given. This year I also watched my favorite fifteen Elvis movies – some more than once. I get such a pleasure watching the Elvis movies as that is how I first discovered Elvis when I was a toddler. To see what movies I watched as well as what books I read and what records I listened to please click here.

Even though I stayed home for Elvis Week, I managed to stay in my Elvis bubble only bursting it for Big Brother. It helps that I am surrounded by my Elvis books and records and memorabilia. I only watched Elvis and listened to Elvis (with the exception of Big Brother like I said) and recorded the other tv shows to watch later. I even stayed up every night until after 2am and didn’t eat until noon just like when I’m in my Elvis bubble in Memphis. This wasn’t on purpose, it just turned out that way.

I usually buy lots of Elvis memorabilia and books while I am in Memphis, so to quench my thirst for even more Elvis stuff I bought many items on ebay so it was almost like I was at Elvis Con, sort of. Can’t duplicate the yummy Memphis food, but I did have Elvis French Toast (which was layered with peanut butter and bananas) from the local diner, cheeseburgers and pepsi, and biscuits and sweet tea.

It really was a perfect Elvis Week, except for not being able to tour Graceland, not meeting folks from the Elvis world and not celebrating with my friends. But these nine days flew by just like they do in Memphis. I had a wonderful time and am sad to leave my Elvis bubble, and I am wondering why I have to leave it. I mean why couldn’t I make every day an Elvis Week day?

4 Comments on Virtual Elvis Week 2020 from home

  1. Love it Deena! It was so much fun watching your videos that you posted. You have quite the Elvis collection oh, I know I was impressed I can imagine so was everybody else. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I celebrated a bit each day but yesterday, August 16th, I watched this is Elvis, Elvis by the Presley’s and the day before I watched Elvis and Me. I listen to Elvis music everyday all day. I was able to read a few articles and watch old YouTube videos of news coverage of the day Elvis passed. I missed the Great Southern food and spending time with all of my Elvis friend and touring Graceland most of all.


  2. Elaine Leach // August 17, 2020 at 2:09 pm // Reply

    You know how much I enjoy reading your posts, there are fabulous, you also introduce to me different books which I try to find on eBay usually, looking forward to the books from Kelly Peach I must admit. Like you I had an Elvis Week at home which is normal for me having not got to Graceland for the real deal, yet!!!! I to ordered a few books, some vinyl and even an auction item from Jon Daly missed out on the autograph last minute tho. Had to laugh tho my husband rolled his eyes and said it’s Elvis week here every week 😂😂 take care and hope to maybe see you sometime again in the future.


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