Goodbye 47, Hello 48!

My 47th year was one of my worst and best. It was one of my worst years because my beloved dog Elvis died in December at the age of 15 and because of the Covid Pandemic, which cancelled two of my trips (and all travel). It was one of my best years because of the fantastic time I had in Memphis in January celebrating Elvis’ 85th Birthday and because of the covid pandemic I had an excuse to self quarantine at home and read 115 books.

My 47th year can be divided and thought of as before the Covid Pandemic and during the Covid Pandemic, as it started in mid March almost halfway through my 47th year. Before the Pandemic, I was read 42 books in 5 1/2 months, I participated in Record Store Day in November, I was crushed when my dog Elvis died in December, and I had the time of my life in Memphis in January celebrating Elvis’ 85th birthday with all my Elvis friends, Jerry Schilling and Priscilla Presley – the highlight of which was bidding on and winning and now owning one of Elvis’ rings! To read all about my wonderful time in Memphis, please click here.

During the Pandemic, the company I worked for sold in April (it was selling anyway just a weird coincidence), I participated in Record Store Day online in August, and I read 73 books in 6 1/2 months totalling 115 books read for my 47th year. I have been collecting unemployment since my company sold and because of the pandemic was given extra money for the first five months, so I was making more money than I did at my actual job. Also due to the pandemic, I had a real excuse to stay home and be the hermit loner that I love to be – not leaving my house for several weeks at a time and just binging tv, listening to records and reading books. To see what books I’ve read, please click here.

My 48th year is sure to be a better one. I am going to celebrate my birthday binging one of my favorite television shows Beverly Hills 90210 on its 30th anniversary as it debuted on my 18th birthday October 4, 1990. I will also enjoy my mother’s famous, amazing, delicious lasagna for dinner, a tradition of the past few years! (oh and I’ll have my other favorite food Ledo’s Pizza for lunch) If the pandemic gets better and travel is deemed safe again, I will go to Memphis in January and if not, then I’ll try for a March trip to Graceland instead. In July, assuming everything is better, I have rescheduled my Cape Cod trip but now coupling it with the NKOTB concert at Fenway, so I will be spending a couple days in Boston in addition to the five days in Cape Cod and a day in Stars Hollow inspired Washington Depot, CT. In September, I hope to reschedule my trip to Fairmount, Indiana for the James Dean Festival. These trips along with reading lots and lots of books should make for a great year!

(Side note – My other dog Cilla is 13 and going strong and we’ve had a great time quarantining together during this Pandemic!)

3 Comments on Goodbye 47, Hello 48!

  1. Your 47th year was definitely Bittersweet. Creating so many fun memories during our January trip was one I won’t forget. Your 48th year is definitely going to be great! Glad that we are friends. Have a great birthday Deena!


  2. Elaine Leach // January 2, 2021 at 5:36 pm // Reply

    Wow cannot believe the amount of books you have read. Anyone in particular stand out of the Elvis books you read? I have nearly all of the Elvis books you’ve read, but not read nowhere near as many as you. Look forward to following you thru 2021, hoping it will be so much better as the year goes on. Happy New Year Deena 🎉


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