Elvis and ME

Priscilla Presley – Elvis from A to Z

I chose Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife who loved him from 1959 until his death in 1977 (and even still today), for my Elvis ‘P’ topic for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I could have chosen “Patch It Up” as I really like that Elvis song, or Paradise Hawaiian Style as [continue reading]

April 18, 2018 // 10 Comments

Elvis and Me – Elvis from A to Z

There was only one clear choice for my ‘E’ topic for the A to Z Blogging Challenge and that is Elvis and Me, both the movie and the book – but more the movie. Elvis and Me was written by Priscilla Presley (Elvis’ ex wife) in 1985 and turned into a television mini series [continue reading]

April 5, 2018 // 9 Comments

Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley

If you are an Elvis fan, you have read Elvis and Me and seen the movie. And if you are like me you have read the book twice and seen the movie countless times. Priscilla’s memoir Elvis and Me was the first Elvis book I read (back in the 1990s). I don’t remember when I saw the movie for [continue reading]

January 6, 2018 // 0 Comments