Priscilla Presley – Elvis from A to Z

I chose Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife who loved him from 1959 until his death in 1977 (and even still today), for my Elvis ‘P’ topic for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I could have chosen “Patch It Up” as I really like that Elvis song, or Paradise Hawaiian Style as I really like that Elvis movie, but I thought it was important to write about Priscilla, who was much more than just Elvis’ ex-wife.

First and foremost without Priscilla, there would be no Graceland to tour today. It is because of Priscilla we are lucky enough to get to stand in Elvis’ home. It is because of Priscilla we get to look at all of the Elvis archives. It is because of Priscilla we are still getting new Elvis documentaries and music today almost 41 years after his death.

Elvis left everything to his daughter Lisa, his father Vernon and his grandmother Minnie Mae with Vernon as executor and trustee. After Vernon’s death in 1979, Priscilla began managing Lisa’s trust and formed EPE. Minnie Mae died in 1980. Because the estate was costing so much money to run and wanting to keep Elvis’ home for Lisa, Priscilla hired Jack Soden and opened Graceland to the public to tour in 1982. And the rest is history.

Whatever your opinion is of Priscilla or of Elvis Presley Enterprises, you have to give her credit – without Priscilla we wouldn’t have Graceland. There are Elvis ‘fans’ who hate on Priscilla and EPE saying she is greedy and all EPE cares about is making money. Well of course they care about making money, it is a BUSINESS. Welcome to the world! Would you rather not have any access to Graceland or the Elvis archives? Can’t expect that for free, so yes it’s a business and they make money – big deal!

Then there are Elvis ‘fans’ who hate Priscilla because she cheated on Elvis and left him, and they think that is why he died so young. Ok, really? There were so many contributing factors to Elvis’ early death that you can hardly blame Priscilla – it’s absurd. Yes Priscilla cheated on Elvis, after he had been cheating on her for years. And yes she left him, but again he was continuously cheating on her while he expected her to stay home with no career or outside friends and be faithful to him. Priscilla couldn’t be with Elvis on road while touring because she had to stay home and take care of Lisa. Maybe if they hadn’t had Lisa so soon after getting married, Priscilla could have been with Elvis more on the road while he toured – and maybe that would have helped. Who knows? What I do know is Priscilla loved Elvis even after their divorce, and still does to this day. Lisa says she never noticed when her parents got divorced – they acted the same.

When ‘fans’ were asked their thoughts on the new documentary Elvis Presley The Searcher that Priscilla helped produce and narrate, some made comments like “it was great until Priscilla made it all about her.” Are you kidding? She was only talking about herself in relation to Elvis, about their relationship. I love to hear Priscilla talk about her days with Elvis – that’s all we have. I want to hear from someone who loved Elvis and was loved by Elvis. I don’t understand this hatred of Priscilla by Elvis ‘fans.’ They don’t hate on Linda Thompson, and she also cheated on Elvis and also left Elvis just a year before he died.

I love Priscilla and am so thankful for all she has done to keep Elvis alive almost 41 years after his death. I am also VERY thankful for her book and television mini series Elvis and Me, which I love! Thank you Priscilla! Keep doing what you do for Elvis and keep your head up cause haters gonna hate!


What is your favorite movie, song, book, topic about Elvis that begins with ‘P’? Please comment below. If you missed any of my Elvis ‘A’ to ‘O’ topics, please click here. Remember to check back tomorrow to see what ‘Q’ topic I’ve chosen for Elvis.

9 Comments on Priscilla Presley – Elvis from A to Z

  1. Priscilla was Elvis’s Queen and the mother of his only child, we should be forever thankful for Priscilla! I have said for many years that I wouldn’t even have become an Elvis fan if Priscilla hadnt opened Graceland to the public. It was my first visit to Graceland that I was able to be exposed to Elvis Presley and his personal world. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank her for everything that she has done in preserving Elvis’s Legacy. Elvis/EPE is definitely a business and always has been but I have no problem with that. By them making money it is giving us more opportunities to come back to Graceland and experience new things. People who criticize Priscilla for leaving him and for cheating on him towards the end of their marriage, are very bias. I have never understood why it is okay for Elvis to cheat on all of his girlfriends and his wife but when it happens to him, people are up in arms. Elvis was absolutely not a saint and people still to this day think he could have done no wrong which is ludicrous. I can never imagine tolerating all of the cheating year after year that he did to Priscilla. There was real love between the two of them. If there was no love, Priscilla would not have done everything she has done, not even for the money. I will be forever grateful for Priscilla and I will always defend her until the very end. Every year I send Priscilla a birthday card and a thank you note somewhere in between. Because of her so many things are possible.


  2. I thought “The Searcher” was notable for some of the things that went undiscussed, but it was still a good documentary. As for Priscilla, you will never see me fault her for being an intelligent businesswoman, or for getting involved with someone who would treat her with care and attention after being sorely neglected at home for so long. Nice article!


  3. Hard to believe it’s been almost 41 years since Elvis died. He was only around for 42, and yet people still talk about him. That’s celebrity.

    One of the hardest things for people to understand is that businesses exist to make money. Had Priscilla not opened Graceland up to tourists, she would have had to sell it, no doubt to someone who would have turned around and opened it as a tourist attraction. This way, the family could decide how to preserve and present his legacy.


  4. I didn’t realize some fans disliked her so much. Why do they think celebrities have such a hard time staying married for heaven sakes…It’s gotta be a rough life.


  5. I’ve never been to Graceland but like Priscilla and think Elvis would be proud of the way she has kept his legacy alive.


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