Lana Turner

After enjoying the beautiful morning on my front porch catching up on my magazines and reading and listening to my tunes, I had to go inside because the pollen was getting to me. I decided to have a Lana Turner movie marathon. I love her. She is definitely my favorite actress and probably the most beautiful woman ever to walk this planet. She was independent and confident and portrayed these characteristics in her roles as well. It seemed in every movie she was single and making it on her own, and that was in the 1940s and 1950s.

My favorite Lana Turner movie is ‘Imitation of Life’ followed by ‘The Bad and the Beautiful’ and ‘Peyton Place,’ but I didn’t watch any of those today. I watched her movies that I had on DVR that I can’t find on dvd yet.

I started out with ‘Slightly Dangerous,’ which is a flufflier movie than I remember co-starring Robert Young of ‘Father Knows Best’ fame. Lana’s character fakes amnesia to get out of her dead end job in a small town and have a better life. It all works out in the end – she gets the guy and the good life. 

I followed this movie with ‘Weekend at the Waldorf’ costarring Ginger Rogers and Van Johnson. I didn’t like this movie very much because it did not center around Lana. There were a few storylines going on and hers was one of them. I deleted it from my DVR. 

Then I watched ‘A Life of Her Own,’ which I really love. It is right up there as one of my favorite Lana Turner movies. Lana’s character again yearns for something better and moves from Kansas to New York to become a model. She falls in love with a married man and ends up leaving him for the good of his crippled wife. I probably like this movie so much because they don’t end up together, which is very realistic. Her love interest is played by Ray Milland.

I followed this with ‘Johnny Eager,’ which is one of her more popular movies, but I don’t love it. I like it but Lana isn’t in it enough for me. Her character falls in love with a gangster, but does not end up with him – i like that part.

The last movie of my Lana Turner marathon is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ costarring Bob Hope. This is a typical 1960s romance comedy, much like the Elvis movies minus the singing. It is alright, but I prefer Lana’s more dramatic movies from the 1940s and 1950s. Lana’s character is a single woman by choice who works for a housing development company who a house to bachelor writer Bob Hope’s character.

I’ve probably only seen about half of Lana Turner’s movies. They are hard to find and rarely on TCM, except for the obvious ones. I have read both her autobiography and her daughter’s and any other biographies I can find. So if you have any questions about Lana, just ask.

Please share your thoughts about this post. Thanks for reading!

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