Vegas – day 1

Took Elvis & Cilla to the vet to board them while I was in Vegas. They didn’t want to leave me. It broke my heart, but I’m sure they forgot all about me before I was in the car.

I hate flying. I took what I thought was a short cut from the vet to Fast Park, but I got lost. The plane was a half hour late taking off. We sat in the plane at the gate and waited. I watched first class get a full meal while we got biscoff, peanuts, pretzels. The girl next to me keeps touching me cause she has to sit facing her boyfriend. Then the boyfriend has to use bathroom cause he drank 3 beers. Then got another! And the smell on the plane. Yuck.

It was a $20 cab ride to hotel. Apparently there was a $6 shuttle to Ballys. Oh well. I unpacked, charged my phone and then played monopoly & hot shot while waiting for Cindy, who took the cheap shuttle.

We ate lunch / dinner at grand lux cafe. We had these yummy potato rolls with cheese and sour cream. I had this yummy mushroom ‘burger’ and fries. I played top gun, wheel of fortune, wizard of oz, sex and the city, star trek, and dukes of hazzard at the Venetian.

I played wizard of oz at Shea’s, monopoly at Flamingo and Happy Days at Wild Bills.

I lost too much for the first day in Vegas, which was only really a half day. But I got a really cool new tee shirt. Can’t wait to see what the few days will bring.

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