my Big Brother journal – 8.11.14

Thursday night’s double eviction and double blindside with Zach staying and Hayden leaving changed the game and turned the Big Brother house upside down. Everyone is mad at everyone, no one trusts anyone and everyone’s games are blown up – except Derrick’s. Somehow he escaped unscathed. The entire house thinks all the lying and scheming was Frankie and Christine’s doing, but Derrick and Cody knew about most of it. Zach, Caleb, Cody and Derrick are still sort of working with (actually more like using) Frankie and Christine because they are a vote for them, but they don’t really trust them. Nicole and Victoria don’t trust Frankie and want him out, and I don’t think Donny likes him either. Frankie wants Nicole out. Everyone still likes Donny, but knows he’s a competition beast and needs to go soon. Nicole still trusts Derrick. Nicole and Christine don’t really trust each other, but are pretending to. Christine and Frankie are clearly working together even though both swear they are not.

Here’s how it went down this weekend after the eviction. After Nicole and Christine won HoH, Frankie told them he and Christine had been working with the other side of the house, but now he’s not so they need to put up Derrick, Cody, Zach and Caleb. Frankie said if one of those four go home, then they (Frankie, Nicole, Christine, Donny, Victoria) will have the numbers. Frankie thinks he has Victoria, but he doesn’t because Derrick does. Zach told Nicole the truth about the Detonators – that it was a few weeks ago, not a few days ago. Derrick talked to Nicole explaining what ‘really’ happened with the Detonators using the word ‘rationale’ in his explanation, subliminally showing trust for their old alliance. Derrick devised a plan to evict Frankie, first talking about it with Cody, Caleb and Zach and then Nicole. The plan was for Nicole to nominate Zach and Frankie and have Zach throw the Battle of the Block, so they would stay on the block and vote Frankie out. If Frankie won Veto, then Nicole was going to backdoor Christine and they would vote her out. After discussing this, Nicole didn’t fully trust Zach to throw the comp, so Caleb volunteered after Nicole told him that Frankie made her lie to him about Amber.

At the nomination ceremony, Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie and called out Frankie for all his lying and scheming. Christine nominated Zach and Donny. Christine did not know who Nicole was going to nominate. Caleb did throw the BOB comp, but they still won and Frankie and Caleb are safe for the week and Christine remained HoH. At the start of the BOB, it was announced that the winners and remaining HoH would be given a day out of the house for an NFL experience. Before the BOB comp, Caleb confronted Frankie telling him he was just going to sit down and not play. This is what Frankie deserved for suggesting he go up on the block and for lying to him about Amber. If Caleb had participated in the comp, he could have sabotaged it and Frankie would be going home. But by just sitting out, Frankie had a shot to win on his own, which is exactly what he did. Apparently after Caleb announced he was going to sit out, he saw Frankie was doing well and wanted back in the competition to sabotage him, but production wouldn’t let him. I think Caleb made a smart game move by just sitting out instead of sabotaging the comp because he was covered on both ends by doing this, plus he got a shot at a day out of the house for the NFL experience and eating for a day (since he’s been on slop for almost two weeks). By just sitting out, Frankie went along with the plan by throwing the comp, but by not completely sabotaging it he would still be in good standing with Frankie.

SPOILER Immediately following the BOB, Zach called out Frankie in front of the entire house. Zach and Frankie were screaming at each other, about lying, about scheming, about their games. Frankie said he wanted to tell them everything. Frankie, Caleb, Zach, Cody and Derrick went into the fire room. The guys were hoping Frankie was going to come clean about his game play, which he did a little – admitting he suggested the four of them go on the block and to backdooring Zach last week. But Frankie’s big reveal was that his sister is pop superstar Ariana Grande – and he’s giving his winnings to charity. Only Derrick and Zach know who Ariana Grande is – Caleb and Cody have no idea. I had not heard of her until Big Brother 16 started. Then Frankie tells the rest of the house, which is only Nicole, Christine, Victoria and Donny. Victoria freaked out because she is obsessed with Ariana Grande, and Frankie knows this. Nicole immediately gets upsets and regrets trying to evict Frankie because now America and his sister’s fans will hate her. This really annoyed me and made me lose all sorts of respect for Nicole. The reveal did not affect neither Christine or Donny. Since Frankie told everyone about his famous sister, he’s been walking around the house as if he was the celebrity – it has totally changed his personality. I am not sure if his reveal will help or hurt his game in the long run, but Frankie had to try something because the entire house was against him and now they are not. After telling everyone ‘everything,’ Frankie swears to the guys that he is still working with them. Minutes later he runs to Christine and is clearly still working with her.

SPOILER Donny and Zach are both Have Nots for the week. This is the first time for Donny, and the second time for Zach, who was miserable the first time. At least America voted for them to eat peanut butter. I could eat that all day. Ah remember the days before slop when the Have Nots just ate peanut butter and jelly for the week? Caleb and Victoria are still on slop until Friday from their BOB punishment last week. Players in the OTEV Veto (love Otev!) are Donny, Zach, Christine, Derrick, Nicole and Caleb. Victoria hosted. Zach won the Veto. Now Zach, Frankie, Caleb are safe for the week, Christine is HoH and Donny is on the block. Only replacements to choose from are Derrick, Cody, Nicole and Victoria. After he was safe from winning the Veto, Zach went to Victoria and told her about the Detonators. This infuriates and emotionally crushes Victoria because she had previously asked Derrick if he was working with Christine, and he lied to her face and said no. Victoria thinks she has a final two with Derrick. In all honesty, I think Derrick wants to bring her to final three because then he and Cody can easily beat her in comps and then evict her. Victoria cried to Nicole about Derrick’s ‘betrayal’ because Zach told her he also told Nicole everything. Victoria was hysterical crying saying it felt like a boyfriend cheated on her. When Derrick came out of the DR, Zach told him that Nicole went to Victoria and told her the truth about the Detonators. Derrick confronted Nicole, and she told him it was Zach who told Victoria. Derrick brought Victoria into the room and she verifies that it was indeed Zach, not Nicole, who told her. Derrick denies that it was a true alliance and then turns it around saying how hurt he was that Victoria doubted him – and even more so that she believed Zach over him. Derrick then brought Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Zach into the room. Donny was asleep and Christine was in the DR I think. In front of everyone, Derrick confronted Zach about Nicole telling Victoria about the Detonators. Zach admitted that he lied and it was in fact himself that told Victoria. Instead of responding to the alliance allegation, Derrick turned it around and in front of everyone said how betrayed and hurt he was that Victoria did not trust him. Victoria sobbed. Everyone left the HoH room except Derrick, Frankie and Zach who hashed things out. Zach is still upset with Frankie, but Derrick tries to mediate because they need Zach as a number. While downstairs, Nicole told Victoria to be careful of Frankie because he says he has her in his back pocket because she’s such a fan of his sister. Caleb goes upstairs and tells Frankie, who is pissed and now wants Nicole out of the house. Victoria is really hurt and upset by this and she now wants him out of the house. Too bad Frankie is safe this week. A while later, Derrick and Victoria talk alone and now Victoria is apologizing to Derrick. This guy is good!

SPOILER At 10am Sunday, Caleb, Frankie and Christine left for their NFL Experience. They returned just before 9pm. It appears they went to the Dallas Cowboys training /practice facility. They met Tony Romo and Des Bryant. There were fans there who recognized them, but they weren’t allowed to talk with the fans. They also weren’t allowed to talk game. Their tailgate party consisted of the three of them sitting at a table by themselves eating with the camera on them, but at least Caleb got to eat. When they returned, everyone started talking and plotting about who the replacement nominee should be. Christine had previously told Victoria she was going up on the block, but the guys want to backdoor Nicole because she knows everything and is smart and wins comps. Caleb and Zach go to Christine and tell her Nicole was planning on backdooring her if Frankie had won the veto. They also tell her that this is the perfect opportunity to show them she and Nicole are not working together. And if she doesn’t put up Nicole, Christine will be the target next week and she can’t play in the HoH comp. Derrick and Cody talk to her as well agreeing with backdooring Nicole. Getting out Nicole cuts her ties with Christine and with Donny. They all decided Nicole is going up on the block and they will vote her out. Derrick tells them not to tell Victoria because she won’t be able to hide her excitement that she’s not going up on the block. Then Derrick goes right downstairs and tells Victoria she is safe and Nicole is going up on the block; therefore, solidifying her trust in him. Again, this guy is good! Christine stays with the plan and nominates Nicole to replace Zach, so now it’s Nicole and Donny on the block for eviction Thursday. During the Veto meeting, Christine rips into Nicole about taking the knife out of her back. Nicole handled it well though. She and Donny out in the backyard while the rest of the house guests inside the house. Awkward divide. Nicole brings Christine into the Beehive room to talk things out. Christine tells Nicole she backdoored her because the guys told her that Nicole was going to backdoor her. Nicole said the guys came to her with that plan, and she would not have gone through with it. After their talk, Nicole goes to bed and cries under the covers. Neither Nicole nor Donny will campaign much this week, so the feeds will probably be a little boring until Thursday night.

The Hitmen, Derrick and Cody, decide who they want gone and in what order. Nicole this week, Donny next week, then Frankie, Zach, Caleb, then Christine and Victoria. Derrick has Victoria, who also likes Cody, and Cody has Christine, who also likes Derrick, so they are who they want with them in the final four. I am fine with that as long as Derrick is in the final two! When I first saw Victoria, I did not like her at all because she was all about makeup and clothes – and just not my kind of girl. But now I really like Victoria. She is a really good person – very kind-hearted and thoughtful. I like Caleb much better now that Amber is gone, especially as a game player. He has some good instincts that have further his (and Derrick’s) game. I do not like Frankie anymore. I thought he was on the show because he was a Big Brother fan, but now I know he is just on for fame and to gain more followers – he admitted as much.

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