Big Brother just got Real – after the double eviction

Big Brother just got real! I knew the Double Eviction was going to epic, and it did not disappoint. Everything happened exactly how I wanted it to. Zach was saved – as the house flipped just 24 hours prior. Jocasta was evicted 6-2, with only Hayden and Donny voting her to stay. Derrick was acting like he was sad that Jocasta left – good acting job! Caleb won HoH and immediately nominated Donny and Hayden. Donny surprised everyone and won his third veto in the tough athletic ‘needle in a haystack’ comp made famous by Jeff’s clown shoe eviction in season 13. Nicole was the replacement nominee. Hayden was evicted in a 5-2 vote with only Cody and Donny voting for him to stay. Not sure why Cody voted Nicole out, but he said he didn’t know what everyone else was doing – but it should have been obvious.

After the double eviction, Nicole was really upset, crying and blaming Christine, Frankie and Cody – calling them out in front of everyone. Not sure why Nicole felt so betrayed by Frankie because she was planning to backdoor him last week. Christine was trying to cover her ass and lied to Nicole saying she was duped and she just found out about the plan minutes before yada yada. Christine told Nicole there is a guys’ alliance, and they’re picking off the girls. Nicole told Christine about the Rationale and completely blames Cody for flipping the house. Christine and Nicole made up within a half hour after live show. Nicole isn’t as good of a player as I first thought, especially for being a ‘SuperFan.’ Donny told Derrick and Cody that Christine told him to put Cody up, which she did – and Frankie told her to tell that. The Detonators and Caleb know Christine told Nicole everything. They should replace Christine with Victoria because she’s way more loyal. Victoria REALLY lucked into being friends with Derrick, unless that was her strategy all along – haha. Caleb is actually playing the game and being rational. He is much better now that Amber left, although he is still wearing her bunny slippers and scarves. Frankie and Christine are under suspicion – no one in the house truly trusts them. This is great for Derrick’s game.

Derrick escaped this double eviction completely unscathed. Somehow he is still good with Donny and Nicole, and his name never got thrown out there as one of the ones lying and scheming. Frankie, who I believe is very perceptive, does not believe Derrick is the one running the house. This is so great! Besides his mental and social game being like Dan’s, Derrick is also not winning comps like Dan. In the aftermath of the double eviction drama, Derrick was smart not to stay in any one room with any one group of people too long.

Surprisingly the two HoHs and Battle of the Block continues. The next HoH comp took place about three to four hours after the live show ended, but it was not the all night endurance comp that we thought it would be. Nicole and Christine won HoH. We will see what happens. Should be a great week! It was crazy watching the live feeds last night after the live show double eviction – going back and forth rewinding so I could listen to all the different conversations.

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