my Big Brother journal 9.13.14

Wednesday was not the live event I thought it was going to be. No one was evicted. They just literally rewound the week. We did get to see inside the Jury House with everyone’s non-welcome of Christine and Donny’s hysterical comment to her “Do you have a lawyer?” after she told they she was booed upon walking out on stage. Julie Chen also interview Dan Gheesling, so it wasn’t a complete disappointment. But what is going to happen this coming week is two evictions. There is going to be the regular live eviction on Tuesday and then another live eviction on Wednesday, which means Wednesday’s live episode will be an entire week’s of Big Brother in an hour- which I thought they should have done this past Wednesday.


So they replayed the Seed Saw HoH competition and Caleb won. Yay! Although I would have rather it been Cody or Victoria, because then my boy Derrick would have been safe. Cody is back in the dinosaur costume since they rewound the week, plus he wasn’t in it an entire week anyway. About nominations, Caleb has a point about not putting Frankie on the block. One, because it give Frankie more fire to win the Veto if he’s on the block and maybe would be relaxed and not win and then they can backdoor him. Two, if Frankie is on the block and wins Veto, then he’s going after Caleb next week. Good to know that Caleb also wants Frankie gone, as does the rest of the house. Also seems clear that everyone in the house is loyal to Derrick. It is really great for Derrick that Victoria is keeping up the charade that she hates Derrick for both in house votes and jury votes. From here on in, nominations aren’t important – who wins Veto is. Best case scenario is either Derrick and Cody wins Veto and the pulls whoever is on the block off, Frankie goes up and Frankie goes home Tuesday. If Frankie wins veto, I hope Victoria goes home because I obviously don’t want Derrick going home.

Luxury Competition was on Thursday. The jury members came into the house and trashed it while house guests were locked in HoH room watching them. Then the luxury comp took place with the house guests still locked in the HoH room. The house guests picked the jury member to play for them. Cody wore Team Nicole shirt, Derrick wore Team Donny shirt, Caleb wore Team Jocasta shirt, Victoria wore Team Hayden shirt and Frankie wore Team Zach shirt. The jury members had to run through the house tearing up stuff while looking for a $5k chip. Hayden found the chip, and Victoria had picked him, so both Hayden and Victoria won $5k. Then the house guests had to clean their trashed house. Victoria’s expensive necklace is broken and her name was Xed out on the bathroom door. The jury house poured all sorts of food and liquid everywhere, pulled out all the clothes in the drawers, house completely trashed.

Nominations took place a few hours after the Luxury Comp on Thursday. Caleb actually nominated Frankie and Victoria. Frankie all pissed off he’s on the block, but he was ok when he put Cody on the block. Hypocrite. Derrick is doing a great job at pitting Caleb and Frankie against each other to ensure Frankie goes home, and then Caleb next week. Frankie is already mad at Caleb for nominating him. When Derrick is with Frankie he talks bad about Caleb, and when Derrick is with Caleb he is talking bad about Frankie. The DR informed Derrick and Frankie that if either of them are the winner, they will get $50,000 added on to the $500,000. prize. Luckily they both don’t have to make it to the end to get the bonus because I don’t want Derrick to change his mind about evicting Frankie this week. Cody won the Veto! The same mash up face veto comp they had last week. Cody will not change noms and Frankie will finally walk out of the house Tuesday. Aren’t you glad you pushed the rewind button Frankie? haha!

Then Wednesday Caleb can’t play in the HoH comp, so most likely he will be walking out of the house next. The final three will be Derrick, Cody and Victoria. Either way Derrick is good because both Cody and Victoria will take Derrick to the final two – not that I think Victoria will win to have the chance to take him. If Derrick wins the final HoH, I assume he will take Victoria to assure him the now $550,000. prize. I hope Derrick would not take Cody because I would hate to see his loyalty stand in the way of that money for his family.

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