my Big Brother journal 9.17.14 – the final 3

Derrick has played a masterful game and deserves to win over everyone. Derrick picked Cody and Victoria early on and stuck with them and that is who is in the final 3. (Cody won Veto and is 99% voting Caleb out tonight). Derrick went wire to wire with never being nominated. That’s huge! No one has ever won Big Brother and not been nominated. Derrick controlled everyone’s HoH. Because Derrick only won four HoHs (technically five but he threw one to Frankie when his grandfather died), he needed others, like Frankie and Caleb, to win competitions so he could control what happened in the house. Go ahead and make out the check for $550k to Derrick Levasseur. Even Evel Dick said if Derrick wins he will be one of the best, if not the best, Big Brother players ever – and Dan Gheesling agrees.

I know Derrick wants to take Cody to the final two because they have been “Hitmen” since day two, and he would most likely win against Cody but Derrick is guaranteed to win if he’s sitting next to Victoria. To not cross either Cody or Victoria and guarantee himself the winner of Big Brother 16, Victoria needs to win the final HoH and take Derrick with her. I am not sure how this will happen, unless Derrick throws it to Victoria. Some say this has been a boring season, but I have loved it. Derrick was my pick since before the show premiered, and I have been very entertained watching Derrick manipulate everyone and control the house. I won’t know what to do with myself after the finale next Wednesday.

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