Orioles Magic returns to Baltimore

It has been two years since the Baltimore Orioles were in the playoffs, and it was 15 years before that. Tonight the American League Division Series returns to Baltimore as the Orioles take on the Detroit Tigers.

In 2012, the Orioles lost the ALDS to the New York Yankees, the same team they lost to in the 1996 American League Championship after the Jeffrey Maier incident – but we won’t go into that right now. The following year the Orioles lost to the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. That was the year that really broke my heart and I stopped truly caring about baseball. It was bad enough losing to the Yankees because some stupid kid interfered with the play and the umpires did not reverse the call, then the following year losing again in the championship. I went to every playoff game in 1997 and for some reason when we lost, something just broke inside me and I haven’t cared about baseball since, especially after Cal and Brady retired. By not caring, I mean it doesn’t break my heart when the Orioles lose – like it does when my Broncos lose. I still enjoy going to the games, but I’m ok if we win or lose, I just enjoy being at the Yard. (funny how I’ve suffered much more devastating losses with the Broncos, but I’m still a diehard)

So tonight of course I want the Orioles to win, but honestly I am more concerned about getting to my seat by 5pm to see Brady Anderson in the opening ceremonies. That being said, Go Orioles – and I really do hope we win. Follow me on Twitter @DeenasDays for lots of updates, pics and vids tonight. First pitch is at 5:37pm. #WeWontStop

Update – the Orioles won game 1 of the ALDS 12-3 with an amazing 8 run 8th inning where the Orioles batted around the entire lineup. It was a sea of orange at Camden a Yards tonight! Brady did not make an appearance, but threw out the ceremonial first pitch at game 2 which I did not attend. The Orioles won that game too, another big 8th inning in a come-from-behind win over the Tigers 7-6. The Orioles swept the Tigers winning game 3 of the ALDS in Detroit 2-1. The Baltimore Orioles advance to the ALCS against the Kansas City Royals. Game 1 is this Friday October 10 in Baltimore.

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