Holla! Derrick Levasseur wins Big Brother 16 and I couldn’t be happier!

My boy Derrick Levasseur, who has been my favorite since Jeff interviewed him before he went into the house, won Big Brother 16 last night. And by favorite, I mean I liked Derrick the most, I wanted him to win, and I thought he would win. A lot of folks today are saying they knew Derrick would win, but I actually wrote about it here on my blog the day before Big Brother 16 even premiered. Derrick played a flawless game from start to finish, running the Big Brother house from day one. Derrick was never nominated, which is huge enough on its own, but then add the Battle of the Block twist it’s an unreal feat. Derrick had a hand in every single eviction. Even though they house guests knew Derrick played them, they still voted for him to win Big Brother 16. Even Evel Dick and Dan Gheesling have said that Derrick is one of the best players, if not the best, in Big Brother history.

The Big Brother 16 finale last night was great. I called the jury’s votes. I knew it was going to be a 7-2 vote with only Donny and Jocasta voting for Cody to win. Poor Cody had no idea that he was viewed as Derrick’s puppet. Plus the jury did not like Cody’s response to Frankie’s question for him. Cody was too emotional in this game and Derrick always had to calm him down and remind not to say anything, which is another reason Derrick deserved to win. Another strike against Cody last night was when he was asked what was the biggest moved he made by himself, and Cody answered that he asked Derrick about saving Zach. He ‘asked’ Derrick – yeah that’s why you were Derrick’s puppet Cody, no offense. The Team America reveal was great, exactly what I wanted it to be with Cody, Caleb and Zach being dumbfounded. And Derrick’s reveal that he is a cop was great too and surprised everyone, except for Frankie. A while back Frankie asked Derrick if he was a cop, Derrick denied it and Frankie dropped it. But that kid is smart, very intuitive – he’s arrogant and think’s he’s entitled, but he is smart. It was great that Frankie was not even in the top three for America’s Favorite House Guest. The top three were Donny, Zach and Nicole with Donny winning. My favorite house guest was not eligible to win America’s Favorite since he won Big Brother. There was no mention of Derrick winning an extra $50k because he was a Team America player who won, but in his backyard interview with Jeff, it was mentioned that Derrick won $550,000 (plus his $15,000 Team America money). It was SO great to see Jana and Tenley come onto the stage to congratulate Derrick. He was finally reunited with his family. It was a great moment!

Speaking of Derrick’s family, they were great to me and all the fans on Twitter. Derrick’s wife Jana was so gracious and friendly, even though she had never even watched Big Brother. I tweeted with her and she sent me a #TeamDerrick tee shirt. It is a shame all the hate she received forcing her to close her Twitter account. Derrick’s friend who ran Derrick’s twitter account while he was in the house was especially amazing. We DMd each other quite often. He would give me the inside scoop, and I would share stuff with him too. He is also the one who posted Tenley’s ‘Holla’ video on vine that we retweeted asking CBS to play it for Derrick in the house – and they did, after Jana sent it in to them. Derrick just took back control of his Twitter account this morning, and I am only one of 95 people he is following. I would love to hear from Derrick personally!

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