Nick and Knight rocks Baltimore 10.17.14

I got a selfie with Jordan!

The Nick and Knight show in Baltimore was a blast! The Meet and Greet was better than it was in Philly because I actually had a conversation about U2 with Jordan Knight and he took our selfie – along with the professional picture. But the sound check in Baltimore was shorter than it was in Philly. The actual show itself was better in Baltimore than it was in Philly because I was closer (front rail far right) and therefore SO much more into it, taking half as many pictures. It was a fun, fun show!

For those of you who don’t know, Nick Carter of the Back Street Boys and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block made an album together and are touring together – hence Nick and Knight. I was buying the album and going to the concert no matter what, just because I love Jordan – he’s my favorite New Kid. I knew nothing about Nick Carter or the Back Street Boys. Surprisingly, I really love the Nick and Knight album. It’s really good. I really love the songs, especially “Halfway There,” “Take Me Home,” “Paper,” and “One More Time.” And the two Nick and Knight shows I’ve been to (in Philly and Baltimore) have been fantastic! They are very entertaining. Both Jordan and Nick are pure showmen and are having a blast performing together.

For the Nick and Knight show in Baltimore, I was in the VIP line before 4:30 because the Meet and Greet was supposed to start at 5pm. And unlike in Philly, it was actually on time. Both lines were shorter than the VIP lines than they were in Philly. Again the VIP line for Jordan was longer than the VIP line for Nick. Nick’s line actually went in at 4:50, and we went in just after 5pm. This time we walked in and made a circle around the room and then Jordan walked in. He stood in the middle of everyone and kept spinning around saying Hi and asking who was actually from Baltimore. He then explained to us that he would be taking selfies with us in addition to the professional pictures. Jordan took a great selfie of the two of us, then we took the professional pic, in pretty much the same post – I’m not very creative. The previous three times I’ve met Jordan in the Meet and Greets, I’ve just said “Hi” and “Thank you.” But this time, I actually had a conversation with Jordan. I asked him if he was a U2 fan. He sort of paused and looked at me funny because I’m sure to him that question came out of nowhere. Jordan said, “Yeah sort of, they’re ok.” I said, “Because in the sound check in Philly you said ‘Uno, dos, tres … catorce!’ and I thought you were going to bust in ‘Vertigo’?” He said, “Yeah that’s where I got it.” Big smile on my face! Jordan Knight quoted U2 and once again my worlds were colliding. Love it!

The sound check in Baltimore was much shorter than it was in Philly, but it was still fun. Jordan was obsessed with calling Baltimore ‘Bmore.’ He wanted to know if there were any other nicknames. We shouted ‘Charm City,’ but he didn’t seem to like that. Nick asked if he could use ‘Balto,’ but we all shouted “No!” They were disappointed. So Jordan just kept continuously shouting, “Bmore” as he also did during the show. They once again sound checked “Halway There,” with a bit of technical difficulties, which were very funny. They also sound checked “Nobody Better” with a funny Limp Biscuit style rap by Nick. I stood center two people back from the front rail for the sound check.

There was a two hour wait until the show started just after 8pm. I moved up to the front rail all the way to the right. I could literally reach out and touch the stage. Needless to say, or write in this case, I was very into this show being that close. Jordan came over a lot singing and thrusting right in front of me. Sigh! At one point, he held hands with the girl next to me while he sang. Oh well, at least I got to touch Nick’s hand at the end of the show. And Jordan’s arm was around me at the meet and greet for the pictures – and he took our selfie. The show was exactly an hour and a half just as it was in Philly with the same set list, and I actually got the set list from the stage after the show.


To see all my pictures from Nick and Knight in Baltimore, please click here.


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