Peyton Manning becomes NFL All-Time TD Passer as Broncos trounce 49ers 42-17

It was a great night for Broncos football in Denver! Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for career touchdowns, which is now at 510, the Broncos improved their record to 5-1 defeating the San Francisco 49ers 42-17, and Von Miller, who was suspended for half the season last year now leads the league in sacks with 8 – and DeMarcus Ware is right behind him with 7 sacks. What wasn’t great, at least to me anyway, was the Broncos wearing all blue for this historic game at home in Denver. What happened to United in Orange?

Peyton Manning became the NFL’s All-Time Touchdown Pass Leader in the first half of last night’s win. In just the first half, Manning was 13 for 17 with 177 yards and 3 Touchdowns. Touchdown number 507 was a 3-yard pass to Emanuel Sanders on the Broncos opening drive. It was a 9-play 57-yard drive taking 5 minutes putting Denver up 7-0 with 8 minutes left in the first quarter. This was Sanders first touchdown as a Bronco. I love this guy- fast and cocky! He took a bow in front of the sold out crowd at Mile High. Touchdown number 508 to tie the record came on the Broncos next drive. It was a 39-yard pass to Wes Welker who jumped on the pile on for the touchdown. This was a 1 minute and 22 second drive for 3 plays and 59 yards. The Broncos led 14-0 with 3 minutes still left in the first quarter.

Manning’s record breaking touchdown, #509, came in the second quarter. It was a crazy drive. Broncos were in the redzone. Peyton through to Sanders, who would have caught #509 if it weren’t for a pass interference call. Then Manning threw to Julius Thomas, who everyone predicted would catch #509 even with a pregame story, but Thomas dropped the ball for an incomplete pass. Then Peyton tripped and basically sacked himself. Finally Manning completed an 8-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas for his 509th career touchdown, breaking the NFL record and making him the all-time touchdown pass leader. His teammates played keep away from Peyton with that record-breaking football, which is now on its way to Canton. At the Half, the Denver Broncos led the San Francisco 49ers 21-10.

The second half started with Aqib Talib’s interception, his second in two weeks (he had a pick six last week against the Jets). Manning immediately converted this turnover into touchdown #510. A 7 second, 1 play, 40-yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas putting the Broncos up 28-10 with 11:48 left in the third quarter. On Denver’s next drive, Ronnie Hillman ran 37 yards for his first rushing touchdown of the season – he’s in for the injured Montee Ball. This 41 second 86-yard drive over 3 plays increased the Broncos lead to 35-10. Hillman rushed for his second touchdown on Denver’s next drive. A 12 play, 73 yard drive that lasted just over 7 minutes increased the Broncos lead 42-10. And that was it for the Broncos’ offense as Brock Osweiler replaced Peyton Manning at QB in the 4th quarter. The 49ers scored one more touchdown bringing final score to 42-17.

Peyton Manning finished the night 22/26 with 318 yards, 4 TDs and no interceptions. Demaryius Thomas finished the night with 8 receptions fro 171 yards and 2 TDs – number 509 and 510. Ronnie Hillman finished the night with 74 rushing yards with 2 TDs. But the night wasn’t all about the Broncos offense. The Denver defense had a banner night as well with 5 sacks, Von Miller with two and DeMarcus Ware with 3. Miller leads the NFL with 8 sacks, and Ware is tied for second with 7. Their combined 15 is more than 14 entire teams. Last night marked the 364th consecutive sellout crowd for the Broncos in Denver. Yes the Denver Broncos are indeed America’s Team!

A little Peyton Manning trivia. Did you know Peyton Manning took over the Colts’ QB job in 1998, replacing Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the SF 49ers? Pretty ironic considering that’s the team he faced last night in the historic record-breaking game. Also when Peyton Manning was drafted in 1998, Colin Kaepernick was only 11 years old. So far Peyton Manning’s career has seen 17 seasons, 269 games, 8,659 passes, 45 different receivers, and 510 touchdowns. It will be a long time before this NFL record will be broken. Manning may even reach 600 touchdowns before it’s all said and down. He has 10 more games this season, and I don’t see him retiring any time soon. Congrats Peyton!

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