My Broncos 2015 preview

Denver Broncos Fan Club - Baltimore Chapter

With Broncos football starting tomorrow, well at least preseason, I wanted to share my Broncos plans for this upcoming 2015 season. Living in Baltimore, it is difficult to watch all the Broncos games on tv as they are not all televised. (And no I’m not switching teams just because Baltimore got a team in 1996 – I’ve been a Broncos fans since 1984.) Originally my plan was to watch the six or so nationally televised Broncos games from my couch and go out for the other games (or watch illegally online – shh don’t tell). But thanks to fellow Broncos fan living in Baltimore Rick Smith, this displaced Broncos fan now has a place to call home on Sundays.

Rick has created a new facebook group Denver Broncos Fan Club – Baltimore Chapter and has contacted Magerk’s Pub in Federal Hill to host us. We will be sharing the bar with Eagles and Ravens fans, but they are making room for us. Finally a place close to home to celebrate the Denver Broncos – to watch the games with fellow Broncos’ fans! Our first gathering will be a Meet and Greet Thursday September 3, 2015 at 7pm – the Broncos-Cardinals preseason game starts at 9pm. To join our group, please click here.

There is one day in October I will actually be at the Broncos game. I have a minimum one Broncos game a season streak I have to keep alive. This season the closest the Broncos get to Baltimore is Cleveland, so Cleveland is where I will be Sunday October 18 at 1pm to see my Broncos takes on the Browns. (Actually Pittsburgh is an hour closer, but October is much warmer than December) It is just a six hour drive from Baltimore to Cleveland, so I will be driving out Saturday morning October 17 with my dogs and staying at the Aloft. It is just a short trolley ride to the Browns stadium and to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, which I hope I can tour late Saturday afternoon. The Broncos game is Sunday at 1pm, but of course I will be there before the gates open to maybe welcome the Broncos bus but to definitely watch all the pregame warm-ups. Maybe I could finally meet John Elway (things have been going well for me this year in the meeting the unattainable category). I will leave 6am Monday morning, so I can be home at noon to work. Luckily, I have already earned some comp time to cover my little jaunt to Cleveland.

If any of you fellow Broncos fans are going to be in Cleveland October 18th, please Tweet me @DeenasDays so we can get together. #UnitedInOrange

2 Comments on My Broncos 2015 preview

  1. Maureen McGrath // August 13, 2015 at 11:24 am // Reply

    Keep safe and enjoy the Bronaco’s football season.


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