My Memphis Grizzlies 2015 preview

i'm seeing my Grizzlies in Philly, DC and NYC

The NBA scheduled was finally announced yesterday and less than 24 hours later I have tickets to see my Memphis Grizzlies when they hit the East Coast. For the past three seasons, I have seen the Grizzlies play in DC against the Wizards. For the past two seasons, I have seen the Grizzlies play in Philadelphia against the 76ers. And last season I added New York (well Brooklyn) to my Grizzlies East Coast tour. This season is no exception! Although the Grizzlies made it difficult for me scheduling back to back games in Philly and DC and the Knicks and Nets game only five days apart.

The first of my three Grizzlies games is in Philadelphia on Tuesday December 22. The past two seasons the Grizzlies – 76ers games have been on Saturdays, which was an easy two-hour drive up to Philly, but this season it is a Tuesday three days before Christmas. I can’t imagine how bad the traffic will be heading up 95, but I could not pass up these great tickets I found. The past two seasons I have sat in the same seat – in the corner between the Grizzlies bench and tunnel which is a great place to talk with the players. But this year I scored the most righteous seats – section 101 row BB, which is second row center court behind the scorers table in between the benches (VIP club and lounge access). I am pretty sure this lets me in an hour or half hour before everyone else, so I can see even more of the Grizzlies warm-ups.

The next night on Wednesday December 23, I am seeing my Grizzlies in DC – less than an hour drive away. This will be the fourth season in a row sitting in the same seats – section 120 row A, which is front row in the corner between the Grizzlies bench and tunnel. For some reason, there are usually a lot Grizzlies fans in DC for this game, but for the past three seasons the Grizzlies-Wizards games have been in March. This year it is just two days before Christmas, so we’ll see who from GrizzNation will show up to rep Memphis.

My third Grizzlies game is Friday February 5 in New York City against the Knicks. I got a seat in the risers behind the basket but near the Grizzlies bench and I assume Grizzlies tunnel – section 3 row 16. I have never been to a Knicks game, so I am pretty excited. It was great seeing the Nets last season and the Brooklyn fans were really nice, but it is easier for me to get Madison Square Garden on a Friday then to Brooklyn on a Wednesday. And I am not going to go back up five days later for the Nets game on February 10.

If you are a Grizzlies fan and will be at any of these games, please Tweet me @DeenasDays and come say Hi!


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