My Elvis Week 2015 in Maryland

I didn’t make it to Memphis this year for Elvis Week, but I had a pretty good time celebrating at home in Maryland. I listened to Elvis songs all week, I watched the Candlelight Vigil online Saturday night, watched Elvis dvds all day Sunday and saw an Elvis Tribute Artist Sunday night.

I turned on the live feed of the 37th annual Candlelight Vigil just before Lisa Marie and her twin daughters were walking down the Graceland driveway. I saw Lisa and Priscilla talk to the fans and cried while the fan clubs lit their candles from Lisa’s flame. This is the first time Lisa had lit the flame for the Candlelight Vigil, and the first time her young twin girls had attended. Couldn’t believe I missed it, but thank God (and Elvis) for the live feeds! 

Sunday on August 16th, the anniversary of Elvis’ death, I watched three of my favorite Elvis dvds: This is Elvis, Elvis and Me and Girl Happy. That night my mom and I went to Maryland Live Casino, played the slots, ate dinner and met up with my cousins (first cousins on my dad’s side who are about my dad’s age and I have only seen a couple times in my life) to see Elvis. The show was at Rams Head On Stage inside Maryland Live Casino and is called Memories of the King. William Stiles is the Elvis Tribute Artist, and he was fantastic! He has a great voice, very Elvis-like, and a fantastic personality. He is from Memphis and used to work with Charlie Hodge, one of Elvis’ friends, at the Memories Theater in Pigeon Forge. Coincidentally, my mom and I went to that very same theater in 2003 driving back from Memphis so I could meet Charlie (one of my favorites of Elvis’ friends – so funny!) and have him autograph his book for me. So apparently I saw William Stiles perform back in 2003 and didn’t even know it. Small world.

I am already making my plans to be in Memphis for Elvis Week next year. I definitely want to go in 2017 for the 40th anniversary, but I can’t book a hotel or flight 2 years in advance.

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