“One Night” – Elvis from A to Z

The song “One Night” is my ‘O’ Elvis topic for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. “Only the Strong Survive” is a close second for my favorite ‘O’ Elvis song, as there are no Elvis movies that begin with ‘O,’ because now my tastes run more toward Elvis’ 1970s songs (actually 1969 forward) rather than his 1950s songs. But Elvis sings “One Night” with such passion and raw sexuality that it was the clear choice for my favorite ‘O’ Elvis topic.

“One Night” was originally called “One Night of Sin” when it was recorded by Smiley Lewis in 1956. Elvis recorded it the following year but it was never released until 1983 because of its suggestive lyrics. Elvis changed the lyrics from “One night of sin is what I’m now paying for” to “One night with you is what I’m now praying for” and released the new version in 1958.


What is your favorite movie, song, book, topic about Elvis that begins with ‘O’? Please comment below. If you missed any of my Elvis ‘A’ to ‘N’ topics, please click here. Remember to check back tomorrow to see what ‘P’ topic I’ve chosen for Elvis.

4 Comments on “One Night” – Elvis from A to Z

  1. Love, love, *love* the performance you chose. I could watch just that song over and over again.


  2. One night is definitely my favorite Elvis O song! It was one of the very first songs I ever heard by Elvis when I first went to Graceland in 1995. Very, very sexy song that I could just picture him singing. I guess my 2nd favorite O song is from the 70s era called “Only Believe” of course I also like all of Elvis’s Christmas songs like O Come All Ye Faithful, On a snowy Christmas night and O’ little town of Bethlehem. But none of them come close to one night! Love it!


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