Xtraordinary Books about Elvis – Elvis from A to Z

I had to really fudge on this one because there is no song or movie or any topic I could think of having to do with Elvis that started with ‘X.’ So for my ‘X’ topic for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I chose Xtraordinary Books About Elvis – told you it was a stretch. I love Elvis books, and I have many, many of them, so I thought I would list some of my favorites. They can all be purchased on amazon, even if they are out of print you can order through amazon from a third party bookseller. I try to get first editions if I can and try to get them autographed by the author when possible. Since October, I have been reviewing all of the books I read (not just Elvis), so you can check those reviews out here if you are interested.

Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley – The first Elvis book I read, which I already wrote about on my ‘E’ blog.


Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love by Peter Guralnick – aka the Elvis bible. The two part definitive biography on Elvis Presley. A perfect introduction for the new Elvis fan as well a nice refresher for the old Elvis fan. I read these back in the 1990s right after I read Priscilla’s book and then read them again earlier this year. I was SO excited when I got to meet Peter at Elvis Week last year and he autographed my copy of Last Train to Memphis!


Me and a Guy Named Elvis by Jerry Schilling – I think I have read this book about three times now since it came out in 2006 as I love Jerry Schilling. He is definitely my favorite of Elvis’ friends, so his book is obviously my favorite out of all of his friends’ books I have read (George Klein, Joe Esposito, Charlie Hodge, Larry Geller, Alan Fortas, Marty Lacker, Sonny West, Lamar Fike, Dick Grob). Jerry’s book is sweet and solely about his friendship with Elvis – no hearsay or rumors. If he was there, he wrote about it. His book, at the time, was the only Elvis book, Lisa Marie ever read – and she liked it. Jerry autographed his book for me during Elvis Week in 2007, the 30th Anniversary.


In the Twilight of Memory by June Juanico – All of the books written by Elvis’ girlfriends that I’ve read (Linda Thompson, Ginger Alden, Anita Wood (via her daughter), Joyce Bova), June’s is my favorite. For some reason, her book REALLY gets to me. It was one of the first Elvis books I read after after Priscilla’s Elvis and Me and Peter Guralnick’s Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love. I was so obsessed with June’s book, it inspired me to visit Biloxi, Mississippi where June lived and where she and Elvis spent time together in 1956. I even went to Gulf Hills where they stayed. While reading it June’s book, I was pining for June to get on that train to be with Elvis even though I know they don’t end up together – and she was one of his first girlfriends. I was REALLY captivated by their love story. I met June in 2007 at Elvis Week, the 30th Anniversary and she autographed her book for me.


Hurry Home Elvis: Donna Lewis Diaries Vol 1, 2, 3 by Donna Lewis – Donna’s are my favorites out of the fan books I have read (Sandra Ann Falcetta, Sandi Pichon, Sara Erwin, Shirley Connell). Donna’s diaries as so relatable as a fangirl like myself, and so well documented. It gives a real insight to what it was like back in the 1960s and 1970s waiting by the gates and going to the Memphian for those all night movies. One of my volumes is signed by Donna, but I bought it that way – I have never met her.

I love most books about Elvis, but these I have highlighted are my absolute favorites. I read them all though – the good, the bad and the ridiculous. I have read books by his Uncle Vester, his cousin Gene, his step brothers David, Billy and Ricky, his step mother Dee, his nurses Marion and Tish, his bandmates, his costars, his army buddies, his karate instructors, other friends and girlfriends and other biographies, any biography or memoir that has anything at all to do with Elvis.

What is your favorite Elvis book? Do you know of one I have not mentioned, or is not in the photo I provided? Can you think of an Elvis that begins with ‘X’? Please comment below. If you missed any of my Elvis ‘A’ to ‘W’ topics, please click here. Remember to check back tomorrow to see what ‘Y’ topic I’ve chosen for Elvis.

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  1. These are great book choices Deena! I have met Donna Lewis when she worked at Graceland, she is such a sweet person and very genuine. I have not read her books nor did I know she had written any books until last year. Elvis and Me is my all-time favorite Elvis book but the book inside Graceland by Nancy Rooks is definitely my second favorite book ever! I read that book at least 5 times a year. The details of living and being inside Graceland is such a special feeling. The way she writes the book really puts you right in the story. I have course like hearing all the details from all of Elvis’s friends and family about the day they found out Elvis passed away and all of the funeral information. I also enjoy reading Joe Esposito’s book called good Rockin tonight, that was the second book I ever read on Elvis back in the 90s. Jerry’s book is great and I also enjoyed reading George Klein’s book as well. I also like Dick Grobes book. Of course there are many picture books as well, my favorite being Elvis at Christmas. So many great books to choose from!


  2. I haven’t read any books about Elvis but you’ve given me several to put on my TBR list! Thanks.


  3. My favorite Elvis book is the one by June Jaunico. It such awesome book. Elvis and Me was the first book I read about him I loved it.


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