mid week Big Brother journal 7.30.14 – after the veto

A little background of what led up to the Veto Ceremony and the aftermath for those of you who don’t watch the Live Feeds. After Zach Attack’s outburst, which was planned and rehearsed in front of all the guys by the way, all hell broke loose in the Big Brother house. As a result, the Live Feeds were great Monday and Tuesday.

Because Amber hasn’t returned his feelings and hasn’t appreciated all he’s done for her, Caleb went to Frankie with a plan to backdoor Amber. But Caleb has no intention for Amber to actually leave the house, he just wants to scare her so she will appreciate all Caleb has done for her and so she will run back into his arms – not that she was ever actually in his arms. But I have learned that Caleb hears what he wants to hear. So Caleb thinks he came up with the plan to backdoor Amber, even though that plan was already in place with the Detonators, but now it is easier because they don’t have to convince Caleb. The guys told Caleb that Amber does not like him.

Immediately after the Veto Ceremony, Amber talked with Frankie, Cody and Derrick. They all assured her they knew nothing of Zach’s speech and Cody and Derrick had no idea Amber was going on the block. Frankie tells Caleb that Amber told Nicole that the girls are coming after the guys. Then Amber and Caleb talked. Caleb confronts Amber about just going on the date with him not to hurt his feelings. Somehow Amber words it, so Caleb thinks that she really did want to go on a date with him. Caleb will take any kernel of truth and twist it around to hear what he wants to hear. Caleb tells Amber that all the guys knew about the plan to backdoor her. Caleb confronts Nicole about what Frankie told him. Nicole first denies it and then verifies it, so Caleb is now skeptical of both Frankie and Nicole.  Then Nicole tells Caleb that Amber does not like him and only went on the date with him not to hurt his feelings. Frankie tells Nicole that is was the guys’ idea to use Nicole to make Caleb suspicious of Amber, so now Nicole and the guys are skeptical of Frankie. Caleb and Amber talk again and now Caleb believes Amber, is sorry for putting her up, believes she likes him and starts to campaign for her to stay. So now the guys have to decide whether to tell Caleb Amber is going home or to blindside him.

Within 24 hours everything changed. Late Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning Amber told Christine that Caleb is ruining her game and he is her target. Christine tells the guys. This is great news because the guys now have an excuse to tell Caleb why they want Amber out of the house. They just have to figure out when to tell Caleb this. All the guys were in the HoH room and Caleb was trying to convince the guys to keep Amber saying who her target is. They thought this was a great opportunity to tell Caleb that Amber said he was her target. It was at that moment that Caleb FINALLY realizes that Amber does not have his back and is not actually interested in him. Caleb is planning on making a speech against Amber during the live show on Thursday. All of this Veto aftermath has put a bigger target on Zach’s back, a bit of a target on Frankie’s back and possibly even Caleb’s. This is all good for my boy Derrick’s game because the house will go after Zach, Frankie and Caleb before they ever go after Derrick.

In other news, I watched an interview with Devin on The Big Brother Report last night. It was about an hour and a half and had questions from fans as well as the host Shana Jolicoeur. I was surprised Devin has so many fans. I couldn’t stand him. I wish CBS would not have prevented Devin from going on Dick@Nite because I know Evel Dick wouldn’t have held back with the questions that I actually wanted answered. Devin is exactly like he was inside the house. He said his crush on Brittany was all for his game, which is total BS. And he thinks Caleb and Frankie are his close friends. Oddly, he is great friends with Paola outside of the house – they talk everyday on the phone. And he even talks with Joey. Devin is rooting for Donny to win, but thinks Derrick is controlling the entire game and has a great shot at the $500k.

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