my Big Brother journal 8.4.14

Thursday’s eviction wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. Caleb never said a word to Amber. He had said he was going to blast her. Amber’s reaction wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be when she was evicted 9-0. Amber did give a death stare to Frankie. Even after Amber left, Caleb was still talking about her and even after they told him again that she didn’t like him romantically, he still thought she would like him if they weren’t on tv. Quite frankly Caleb at the end of the day, you are delusional!

I watch every minute of the Live Feeds (yes that’s sad, but true), and even I can’t figure out all the alliances this season. Here we go! Zach, Frankie and Christine have final three and within that Frankie and Zach have a final two and Frankie and Christine have a final two. Derrick, Cody, Zach have a final three, and within that Derrick and Cody have a  final two. And I also think Derrick has a final two with Victoria and a final two with Nicole. Hayden and Nicole have a final two. The Detonators Alliance is Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Christine. The Rationale Alliance is Derrick, Cody, Nicole and Hayden. The Team America Alliance is Derrick, Frankie and Donny. It seems that Nicole and Hayden are working with Donny to some extent and Donny has said he is loyal to them. Out of all those alliances, it seems that the Detonators is the strongest and the only true without a doubt sure final twos are Derrick/Cody and Hayden/Nicole – I am really not sure where everyone else truly stands. So an interesting and entertaining final four would be Derrick, Cody, Hayden and Nicole, which coincidentally the Rationale alliance.

It seems the entire house is now suspicious of Christine and Frankie. No one knows where Christine’s loyalties lie. She was close with Nicole, but proven untrustworthy when she lied to Nicole telling her Victoria made out with Hayden – just to get Nicole away from Hayden. Nicole no longer trusts Christine and would vote her out given the chance. Christine is also telling different tales to Derrick and Cody and to Nicole and Hayden. To Derrick and Cody, Christine is pretending like she is still true with the Detonators. To Nicole and Hayden, she is saying to put Cody or Derrick out. Christine did not think of all this on her own – Frankie is in her ear. The entire house now knows they really can’t trust Frankie or Christine and they both should be out the door soon. UPDATE – Wednesday night overnight into Thursday it seems that the Detonators are no longer suspicious of Christine and Frankie. Nicole, Hayden, and Donny are working together and Hayden and Nicole were playing Christine and Frankie to get them to turn on the guys (Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Zach) so they would have the numbers – the majority vote in the house. Luckily, the guys figured this out in time to save Zach.

Donny and Nicole won HoH. For the first time this season, the Bomb Squad / Detonators are not in charge. Initially their target was either Caleb, Zach or Frankie depending on who won Battle of the Block and who won Veto. Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria. Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta. In a surprising turn of events, Victoria did really well in the Battle of the Block and she and Caleb won the competition and are safe for the week. During the BOTB comp, Caleb and Victoria took punishments. They are both on slop for two weeks and are linked to each other for 48 hours wearing Adam and Eve leaf bikini costumes. And Victoria has to save Caleb’s head. I was thinking there have not been many twists for the supposed ‘most twisted summer ever,’ but then I realized the comps and punishments have been really twisted. Because his nominations won, Donny was dethroned as HoH, and for the first time this season a girl remained HoH. Congrats Nicole! Zach and Jocasta remained on the block.

SPOILER – Frankie hosted the Veto competition. The players were Jocasta, Zach, Nicole, Caleb, Victoria, Christine. The Live Feeds were off for over five hours while the Veto comp was being played. Those not playing (Derrick, Hayden, Donny, Cody) were sequestered in the HoH room the entire time. The players in the Veto were each sequestered in separate rooms in the house while each player played in the comp. Christine won the Veto, and did not use it. If she had, Nicole was going to backdoor Frankie. It is uncertain whether Zach or Jocasta will go home. It depends on if Derrick and Cody figure out who is lying to them – Nicole or Christine. For Derrick’s game, I think it is smarter to send Jocasta home than Zach. Although Jocasta can’t win anything, who knows how she will vote or who she will put up. Where as Zach can win comps, but right now he would not put Derrick up or vote him out.

Here are some random thoughts from the week. Did the house guests have all these dietary restrictions in the first seasons of Big Brother or are we just too neurotic and sensitive now? All of them are lactose intolerant or can’t eat gluten. I did not realize Derrick gave Caleb the nickname Beastmode Cowboy. Oh what a mistake that was. After crying once again after losing a comp, Jocasta while crying to Derrick actually had the nerve to say, “I don’t like to cry in front of people.” WTH? Really? That is all Jocasta has done this season is cry. Donny is not as sweet as everyone thinks. He backed out of the Team America task saying he there for his game and not America’s and then went on to say he was wasting his summer being stuck in a house with a ‘bunch of juveniles.’

Double Eviction is finally upon us Thursday, and the house guests know it. Although they were expecting it last week. I think since it is a double eviction, the two HoHs and Battle of the Block will be no more. Now I am glad Derrick did not win HoH this past week because now he can participate in the first HoH of the double eviction and if he wins guarantee his safety. No clown shoe for Derrick! If you can’t tell or haven’t been following me on Twitter @DeenasDays, Derrick is my favorite player this season and possible of all time. He was pick even before he went into the house when he was first interviewed by Jeff. If you don’t believe me, check out my Big Brother 16 preview here.


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